Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More from the GPNW

Medical tourism continues. I have to have 2 fillings replaced today, I hate that! Yesterday the weather continued to be icky. It was cold, wet and dark-ish for most of the day.
This was taken in the neighborhood where we lived prior to West Seattle. It's in May Valley, there are still horse farms among the housing developments. Notice the clouds hanging in the trees in the far back ground.

This is where we lived from the late 80's to 1996. It was a great house, but the yard just about did us in. It's an acre, and it backs up to a green belt, and it was a constant weeding project. I think I had about 12-15 hours a week pulling stink weed off the bank behind the house. It looks good, I like the new exterior paint scheme.

After the dentist we went over to Vicki and Dave's for dinner. We took this at the top of their hill. It's a pretty spectacular view, it's even better if the sun is out. That's the part of the I90 bridge over Lake Washington.

Today was an early go to the podiatrist. I'm getting new orthotics. I had to run Jim back down to the ferry dock prior to heading over for more medical tourism at Valley Hospital. Driving out of Renton it was raining pigs and chickens. Then it stopped and looked like this. The rapidity of the squalls going through is always entertaining. Is not Seattle lovely in the sun, all shining and clean?

So, that's it so far. Pretty dull, eh?

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