Thursday, March 26, 2009

Camping season winds down

Sunday (3.22) was the last big breakfast ride to the Rincon market. The raft is breaking up and people are starting the great migration elsewhere. It's like being the last kid at summer camp, everybody's gone!

Tuesday Jim and I rode out to Saguaro East on the Aviation bike trail. It's a pleasant ride. Most of the route is either trail or low traffic roads. We came back across Park on the Basket Bridge. It has a really cushy spongy surface, so much so that when I was getting back on the bike I thought I had a flat.

Wednesday was a hike up to Starr Pass. The ocatillo flowers are out. They're very vibrant.

The beauty of cactus blossoms is amazing. You have this spiny alien looking plant producing such beautiful flowers. I like them a lot.

This plant is called a fairy duster. This is a nice example of one, it's cultivated.

This hasn't bloomed yet, I like the purple and green.

I don't know if this plant is native to AZ or not, it does bloom nicely.

This is funny. When we ride out to Saguaro East we go by colonies of Arizona round tailed squirrels. They dig tunnels and engage in turf battles with each other. They are just cuter than bugs, and I have yet to get a decent picture of one. I was out on Google images looking for a photo and I found this. He's a different species from up around the Grand Canyon, the caption referred to him as a "well nourished" specimen.

This is the round tailed ground squirrel.

So, we're here until April 23, then it's off into the great wide open. There will be more cactus pictures as they continue to bloom. Kim&Jim will be here first week in April so maybe you'll be treated to photos of a tourist attraction or two. Today it's blowing like stink, and the inside of the RV is all covered with dust. Tomorrow we're hitching her up and taking the RV back to Beaudry for the new holding tank. Happy I will be to get that behind us.

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