Monday, January 26, 2009

Mount Lemmon

This morning we took the dead TV to Beaudry RV for replacement. While waiting for the service adviser to return from lunch we toured Class A's. Does Jim not look fetching behind the wheel? All he needs is $695,000.

I had had a 4:30 appointment on the east side and we had time to kill. We found the house my parents used to live in on the east side of Tucson. All the vegetation had really grown up since the 80's.

We still had time to kill so we we drove out Catalina Highway up Mt. Lemmon. I had forgotten how spectacular it is up there. This is taken approaching the incline, the clouds are pretty good.

We're still low on the slope, looking at the homes of the rich and beautiful. Talk about no back yard!

Moving on up...

In mid-June 2003 a fire started on top of the mountain. It was not contained until mid-July, after burning 85,000 acres. There are still blackened trees, dead trees and a general lack of vegetation.

There are new trees and trees that survived.

This is about 5500 feet, lots of boulders.

About 6,000 feet, 39 degrees, it's cold!

Due to time constraints we had to turn back before the summit, that and the fact that we didn't have chains for the snow. We'll be returning in March to go on up to see how much of the town of Summerhaven has been rebuilt. It burned to the ground during the fire. You can read more here.

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