Friday, January 16, 2009

More Sun and Riding

Ack - a frustrating day in photography. Jim did a breakfast ride with the Long Riders (my new name for the guys who ride from the RV park) at 9 am. It was too cold for moi. Moi sensibly waited until 10:30 and then rode up to Gates Pass when it was warm. It's amazing how fast it does warm up - at 4:45 pm it's 78 degrees. I may have to get the laptop off my lap. Anyway, I rode up to Gates Pass which is a very narrow, winding steep road with fog stripes on the very far edge of the road. There are signs at the bottom prohibiting large vehicles on the road.
This is from Google Earth, you can kind of see the topography of the area. Click on it, the blue line is the road. At the top of the climb is a really sharp turn before you descend.

I did not get the camera out in time to catch the full impact of this coming up the hill. This is the back end of a huge 5th wheel going over Gate's Pass. This is soooooo not what you want coming up that hill behind you on a bicycle.

This is the high side of Gate's Pass. Tourists were climbing up to the top.

So, yesterday Jim did the 58 mile ride with the Long Riders. I went for a hike. Tomorrow we're going to ride with Jim S. out in the desert. He promises nothing too scary.
We may have to take up sky diving or something so I have more interesting topics to blog. Hope you are all well.

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  1. hey, I feel like I am getting a little exercise just ready about yours, don't stop :)