Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Windy in the Desert

There she is, the 5th wheel, shining in the sun. Jim washed it.

Today was another windy day in the desert. We had planned to take the Serottas out to the other side of Gates Pass so I could start practicing riding in the wind in a low traffic area. I hate riding in the wind, but I need to get over it. However, it was a little extreme today. So we took the mountain bikes out and rode up to Starr Pass. Even with really heavy bikes it was pushing us around. It was not a fun bike ride.

Between April of this year and now we've not been working out. Instead we were driving back to the east coast from Arizona, painting the house, selling the house, moving to South Carolina, leaving in the travel trailer, buying a new RV, going to South Dakota, picking up the RV, then driving across country again. When you don't work out, you get soft. Hands get soft, butts get soft, it all gets soft. The bottoms of my feet are littered with the corpses of blisters that have come up and deflated while hiking. We rode yesterday and today and my ischial tuberosities (that's the large sit bones) are bruised. My fingers are having to harden off again from rubbing on the hiking poles. Arrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh. I can't believe how out of shape I am.

Today we learned that our younger socio-economically challenged neighbors have been jumping the RV park fence and stealing bicycles. So, we had to go buy a 10 foot cable so we can lock the mountain bikes to the RV, and the Trek had to go in the RV basement. So, the chairs and table have to come out of the basement because it's now totally full; but the bike cover for the the Trek has made a fabulous cover for the lawn furniture. We were really enjoying our false sense of security here. Fortunately the nice man two rows over went to new resident orientation this morning where they mentioned this and he told us before we learned the hard way.

Avocadoes are 2 for a buck here. Can't beat that.

Not too much to write about, we've settled in to living here rather than travelling.

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