Friday, November 14, 2008


Hola! It's nice here. In the afternoon it just grazes 80 degrees and the sun is out. We've hiked in the Tucson mountains the last two days. We saw this guy yesterday. He is a roadrunner.

This is the desert. It's hard to get good pictures because the sun is so harsh. This was later in the afternoon today.

We are continuing to wrestle with our storage paradigm for bicycles. The mountain bikes and my Trek road bike are living outdoors under covers purchased specifically for them so they fit well. Between them and the cover on the barbie we're heavily draped. Jim just can not bear the thought of the Serottas being outside so they are currently in the basement (main storage compartment of the RV) on their sides taking up all of the room. It's not elegant, but they are out of the elements.
So, we are settling in here. Today's big thing was to go to Costco and order glasses. Mine are really old, I have to put my reading glasses on top of them to read. That's pitiful. Then there was hiking, then there was flushing the black tank and putting things away. Being in an RV is like living on a boat, thou shalt put things away immediately. Tomorrow we're riding - the goal is to get up Gates Pass, but I'll be really surprised if we (I) get up the big hill.

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