Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rice cookers

This is an interesting article. It discusses the finer points of using a rice cooker to make food other than rice. It was interesting to me because I miss rice because I don't make it in the RV because I don't want to use up 20 minutes of propane (or 50 for brown rice). Propane is much too valuable for that! Jim and I had checked online to see if rice could be prepared in a slow cooker, but it takes 6 to 8 hours, which seeems a little extreme.

It caught my thinking to the point that while we were at Target today we bought a red Rival rice cooker. It's just cuter than a bug.

I got the picture off the Target page and downloaded it, and then edited it in Corel Paint Shop Pro, which is software I really like. After my brother was remonstrating the size of the images I was putting on the blog I started using Corel to de-resolution them by 85%. They still look good, and we're not clogging up the internet as badly as we were. It came preinstalled on the new Sony - along with a lot of other software I did not want, like a professional version of Adobe that was occupying a lot of real estate on my hard drive. I think it's interesting that software companies think nothing of sucking up half of one's hard drive on the off chance that they'll sell something. It annoys me greatly. Anyway, I actually paid money for software.
Today and tonight we are still in Spartanburg. Buying a truck is a process. Hopefully the process will complete today and we can leave this place. There is nothing to do here! Then we shall wait for the 5th wheel in places more interesting than here. In addition to the rice cooker, we got new sheets and mattress pads for the Montana as well as a sealable storage box for the plastic thing that holds up the sewer hose. The trip to Target has truly been the highlight of the last two days. How sad is that?
Charlotte NC continues to have gas lines. Atlanta is said to be doing better, but not back to normal. Spartanburg has local outages. All of the stations near the RV park are out, but the stations near Target had gas and no restrictions on how much you could buy. We did find a decent grocery store, Ingles, so that was pretty exciting. We can't buy chicken or pork at Walmart because they "deep baste" it with so much salt water that it raises the sodium content of a single serving to 15% of RDA. Plus it tastes funny and has a weird texture.
So, that is the state of the Mohr/Davis union today.

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