Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tryin' to reason with hurricane season

We're in Columbus OH which is currently being affected by the tail end of Ike. The wind and the gusts are pretty impressive. We pulled in to a KOA and paid extra money to not park under the trees, since several of them have come down in the wind. The power is out, so I'm sitting here with my hair in curlers (no blow dryer) typing by lantern light. I think I'm channeling Abraham Lincoln.
We're on our way to Sioux Falls SD. Do you have any idea how many people can not spell that? That would be most of them. We're going to go get driver's licenses and set up insurance and register to vote. It's important to have the SD drivers license so that when we go to buy the new diesel pick up to pull the new 5th wheel that we bought at the RV show, that we only pay SD sales tax which is pretty dang low. Yes, we disobeyed the non-acquisition fatwa and bought a new RV. We couldn't help it, it was RV show pricing, and she's so pretty, and she has 90 gallons of grey water capacity. That is sooooooooo enticing. So, there you go.
So anyway, we're heading up to SD for residency, back to Fort Mill SC (where my brother lives) to dump the bicycles (5 of them) out of the truck, trade gas truck in on diesel truck, off to Spartenburg SC to pick up 5th wheel when it arrives, then back to Fort Mill SC to build bike rack for "basement" of 5th wheel to carry the 3 road bikes, and then off to who knows where. It's getting late in the RV season, so we have to stay south and avoid altitude because snow is evil.
The goal is still to be in Tucson for Thanksgiving with the Hancocks and to start whipping my sorry butt back into shape. We are truly pathetic in our deconditioned wretchedness. The first ride up Gate's Pass should be just awful.
Hope you are all well and happy. Despite the fact that we're going to South Dakota, we are in fine spirits and looking forward to a larger home.

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