Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Corn, everywhere I look I see corn

We're in Adel Iowa, which is west of Des Moines IA. We drove for a long time today and all we saw was CORN. Corn to the right of us, corn to the left of us, corn, corn, everywhere there's corn. Anyway, you get the picture. Leaving the sodden Ohio valley was without incident, gasoline was plentiful and expensive. Apparently Hurricane Ike increased the value of the gasoline in the tanks in the gas stations. At one point diesel was more than gas, and mid-grade gas was more than regular gas. Go figure. Tomorrow we will reach the promised land, Sioux Falls. We'll get drivers licenses, insurance, register to vote and then leave. After that, our only plans are to await delivery of the 5th wheel and purchase the manly diesel pickup to tow it before the current price incentives at Chevrolet are discontinued. Everyone knows what corn looks like so I'm not uploading any pictures. Hope you are all well and having more fun than we did today.

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