Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No gas for you today

The lack of gasoline situation continues to worsen. They are now saying 7 to 10 days before it's appreciably better. I hate this. Whining will ensue.

This is the first of many gas lines we saw today, this is taken from the truck when we went out to ensure we had food. It was early in the morning, so we were thinking we might be able to get gas, but HAH! double HAH! - HAH!HAH!HAH!. We were so mistaken. Click on the image to get the full view of the line of cars.

This is Jim on the bus. The #9 line is about a 5 minute walk from the RV park. It's a typical hub and spoke, you take the bus in to the transit center and then back out to where you really wanted to go. The last bus here leaves the transit center at 5:30 which is sort of a bummer. Then again, parts of Asheville are scary enough that I don't think we'd be walking around in the dark, anyway.

Another gas line. The gas lines are messing up the bus schedules. The buses eject passengers from the far right lanes on the streets, which are currently full of cars queuing for gas.

A gas line in Asheville. There had been some argey-bargey and several citizens were in handcuffs. We saw one where they had just run out and the guy was having to tell the people who had been in line for hours that they were out of luck. I would hate to be him.

This line was affecting traffic in the downtown part of Asheville.

I think we'll probably go back in on the bus in the morning. Now that we know which side of the street to stand on to go North (yes, I know, how lame is that?) it will be easier. There are some cutified areas we want to go look at and some old areas as well. It's something to do. Since we're back in the stone age, or perhaps seeing the end-of-days, public transportation is becoming a must. We're running low on balsamic vinegar, that's not good, so perhaps we'll find a grocery store there as well. If not, there's one at the end of the bus line. And movies, there's a movie theater, and shopping. All things are available on the bus line.
I hate this!!!! I just want to get in the truck and drive somewhere!!! I think it's good that we don't live in places that have hurricanes, I am not pioneer stock.

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