Friday, September 26, 2008

Aye she's a biggun!

Behold the magnificence of the new diesel pickup truck. She's a Chevy one ton with a Duramax V8 and an Allison transmission, with a 3.73 rear end, and max towing capacity of 15k pounds. Someone in Alabama had special ordered it as a tow vehicle and then didn't buy it. So, they put it on a truck and shipped it to Spartanburg SC which is where we are now. Monday we'll get the hitch head transferred from the Dodge to the Chevy, then they'll put in the bed liner and the 50 gallon auxillary gas tank and then we will leave this place until the 5th wheel shows up at the Spartanburg Camping World and then we have to come back. The logistics of doing this have been daunting, and complicated by the lack of gasoline. Spartanburg is now out of gas. I think it all went to Asheville. We got up at 0500 this morning and got gas. We're sleepy.

So, that's what we're doing. Hope you are all well.

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