Saturday, August 9, 2008

We're in South Carolina now

We bought a Verizon air card for internet access. I don't know how many pictures I'll be uploading with it, but at least we're on line. I feel much better now, with internet. So, we are receiving and sending email and we're back on the grid. Laurence should be getting cable soon, so I'll be able to clog up the internet with more pictures.

OK - later, I have better internet now. I'm now using different software to down-res my photos so they'll go up faster. I shall now upload a photo or two so we can look at them. The top photo is my brother's brandspanking new house in Fort Mill SC. It's got less pixels. The second one is the neighborhood which is under construction. It has more pixels. Which do we like better? Use comments at the bottom of the post to voice your opinion. Look at the color of that dirt. Actually it's clay. The color is quite phenomenal. But, it will support kudzu and lots of it.

So, we're here, crashing with the sibling-unit, until we sell the van. Yes, we are putting my beloved mini-van up for sale. It's a depreciating asset, and as hard as it is to turn loose, it makes no sense to hang on to her. So, once that's done, we're off in to the wild blue.
Hope you are all well. We're doing ok, now that we are homeless.

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  1. I just came by to see who it was that left that nice comment on our blog, and it looks to me that you are off on an RV adventure. If I am correct, we wish you "Bonne Voyage", and hope that all of your adventures are happy ones.