Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inching towards departure

Slowly we turned, step by step, inch by inch; no wait, that was Niagra Falls. Anyway, we sold the van. We miss her, but it was for the best. Now all we have to do is help Laurence install the garage door opener, edge his flower bed, retrieve the trailer from Wake Forest, load up said trailer with enough clothing for 4 seasons, figure out how to get bike #5 in to this lash-up, and we're off! It's a process. I think Maine is off the list for this season. We have to be in South Dakota before mid-October and SD is a long way from everywhere. Living in Puget Sound for as long as we did, one forgets that the rest of the country has seasons other than wet and more wet. They have hot summers, cold winters and snow. We do not want to encounter snow, so we'll need to be out of the northern tier states before mid to end of October. So, we're thinking DC and New York and possibly Pennsylvania, then off to SD and then SOUTH. I gotta start calling to see what availability looks like, I do not know. But, all things are knowable on the web. No pics today, camera is downstairs and I'm too lazy to go get it.

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