Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eastern Shore of Virginia

Before leaving VA beach we drove through the bridge/tunnel that connects Norfolk with Virginia's eastern shore. It's pretty cool. It won awards for being an engineering wonder.

The eastern short is still very agricultural. The dreaded developers have made some inroads, but much of the area is unspoiled. The concrete plant is the largest employer, then the sea food industry. The brochure described all of the small towns as just way beyond cute. Who ever wrote that should get an A in creative writing. We finally found Oyster, after several failed attempts. How can you be a tourist destination if you can't be found. Its industry has collapsed, it's sort of a sad little place.

Cape something, one of the more prosperous looking areas.

Oyster. I think they've seen some big water here. These houses were recently put on stilts.

We have pictures of the Udvar-Hazey Air and Space Museum, but they're not uploaded yet. These things take time. Tomorrow, which I believe is Tuesday, we are heading into Pennsylvania. Coming up I95 from the beach freaked me out so badly that I decided to be a complete wimp and go up west of New York city to get to the Newburg KOA. So, it'll be two short days, which is OK because we need to clean house, swamp out the black tank, and do some more laundry. DC has been good in that we saw the new Air and Space which is VERY impressive, museums, and had dinner with our good friends Sheldon and Rob; but I must say the traffic and the pace of living here is somewhat frenetic. So, I will get busy clogging up the internet and send you more pictures of that which we have recently seen. Hope you are all well.

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