Monday, August 25, 2008

We're finally on the move

We are in Virginia Beach. The original plan was to stop just north of Richmond VA, and then travel on north to Washington DC Tuesday, but we're just too dang frazzled to move two days in a row. So, here we are. We had the trailer at the Tammy Fay Bakker RV Park from Satan's Most Inner Reaches of HELL, while we were loading. Remember the pictures from Heritage Park from an earlier post - if not, scroll down. The place was full of ANTS. The RV was full of ANTS. We had ANTS in our PANTS. Well, maybe not really, but it was just nasty. It has to be one of the worst parks we've ever seen. We're going to be here for 4 nights, and then up to DC for a few days, and then on to New York. I'm using my air card to get to the web. Now that I have Vista, none of my old photo software I used for resizing pictures works anymore, so I can't upload pictures at the moment because they are too big. So I can't show you anything. Take care, we'll be in touch.

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