Thursday, July 3, 2008

Walking about in Seattle

This is downtown Bellevue. For years Bellevue has been an also ran to Seattle. But on this trip it appears that Bellevue is coming in to its own. They are building everywhere. The whole sky line is changing. A lot of what's being built is business on the ground floor and condos up. The city is starting to feel like an actual city, instead of a suburb. We enjoyed the urban hiking.

A skyway between shopping centers in downtown Bellevue.

The park in downtown. It's big, really nice. The Sunday we were there was the Seafair marathon. The park was the finish line. It was HOT. Particularly for Puget Sound, normally in June we're still in fleece.

This is taken from the scenic overlook on Admiral on the way to West Seattle. The wretched trees are going to block the scenic pretty soon. We love our trees in Seattle.

Here we are driving down the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Seattle gets cruise ships now. Big ones.

This was taken off of the deck of Jim's mother's house. She lives on Agate Pass on the Kitsap peninsula. It's lovely over there, really quiet, but it's behind a ferry. Geographically undesirable, especially if you have to go to work on the mainland. Summer rates were in effect, for two people to go from Seattle to Winslow with a car is $20. That would add up.

So, this ends my internet clogging photo tour of how we spent last week in the Puget Sound region.

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