Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hiking in Seattle

While in Seattle, we did the Chiraco trail up to Poo-Poo point a couple of times. In the past, when we lived in Puget Sound, we would always do the trail for time, so we had our heads down going as fast as we could. We did this hike A LOT. So, since we're not that fit at the moment (there are no hills in Wake Forest), we were hiking slowly and looking around. Look at what we saw on the trail. All those years of hikes and we never noticed this vista about midway up the trail. Sometimes slowing down has its advantages.

Next two photos, we are at the top. At the top there is another view of Mt. Rainier.

Ok, who watched Grey's Anatomy? Remember McDreamy's alleged land upon which he and Grey would build their dream house and raise children? It had the astonishing view. I'm pretty sure this is where they filmed it from. This is the top of Tiger Mountain.

There was not a lot of wind yet, but a couple of paragliders decided to launch anyway.

Going back down, we are always impressed by the lushness of the Pacific Northwest.

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