Monday, July 21, 2008

Continuing to pack it all up, again.

Preparing for the move continues at a feverish pace. Jim and I are fairly stressed and tired. I'm not sleeping which is adding to my general level of crankiness.

Below is a southern bug. No idea what it is, other than big.

Laurence came up July 20 to pick up his trailer and his massive collection of bikes. The day dawned humidly with water vapor standing in the air. A portent of the day that would come.

It's so hot. It was just unbelievable. Laurence had to reassemble the trailer, build a new box for it and load it. Hot, just hot.

I was out walking around our vast yard and I kept smelling something. At first I thought something had died and I was smelling dead animal. But the smell was diffuse and dispersed over a wide area. We've had a lot of fungal growth due to the humidity and rain. These things STINK! That's a toad stool or a mushroom, by the way. Hairy little thing.

Almost final assembly on the trailer. It has great utility. It also folds up if you take the box off of it. Stores in about 15 inches.

If the house closes and if my head doesn't explode and if the sun doesn't go supernova, our new mailing address is as follows:

3700 S. Westport Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Right now I'm having them hold everything for awhile. So, let me know if you've mailed something. We've decided to domicile in SD.

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