Friday, July 11, 2008

It's ALWAYS somthing

We had a beautiful vacation planned. Friday night in Lexington NC for a criterium, Saturday at the Highland games, then a week in Asheville where it would be less hot and humid. We were going to see my friend Sheldon and her family, and have fun. Notice the use of the past tense. Were. But we're not. The house sold. I should be happy, and I am, but I really wanted to go on vacation! We've got the RV loaded to the gills, and we were READY. But no, after a night in Lexington, doing a little shake down cruise of the RV, we're going back in the morning to sign papers and start ejecting some belongings and packing others.
We have to be out of the house July 30. We're going to my brother Laurence's house with some of our stuff, and stuff that will become his, and then we plan to head out into the great unknown that is America's RV parks. I certainly hope we like it!
After all this violating of my vacation, one hopes that the sale will proceed smoothly. Jim just came out and told me to quit counting my chickens until they've hatched.
Anyway, that's what we're doing (and not doing).

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