Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jim is Out of Surgery

Jim’s surgery went well today.  The physical therapist walked him up and down the hall this afternoon.  Jim reports that the shooting pain down the back of his leg is gone.  There is significant pain at the surgical site, but they are giving him significant pain meds.

The Valley Medical Center Spine Center is just wonderful.  In 2006 Jim broke his pelvis and was taken to Harborview Hospital.  It’s a level one trauma center in a really blighted part of Seattle.  One of Jim’s room mates was a drug dealer!  If I’m lying I’m dying.  That night I would not leave the hospital until they moved that guy out because Jim was helpless and I was afraid.  They moved him (the drug dealer) to a room with a patient with a very large extended family who never left.  Anyway, the Spine Center has private rooms, and it is so quiet.  When the door to the room is closed you can’t hear anything.  So much better.  Is this not palatial?  Plus, they do not do broadcast messages over the intercom.


There is the patient waving at us.


He’ll be home on Friday.


  1. I could park my Winnie in Jim's room! Please give him my very best wishes for the healing that has already begun!

  2. That is a wonderfully equipped room. All the very best.

  3. So happy to hear Jim's surgery went well. Hope his recovery is speedy!

  4. Wishing Jim a speedy and uneventful recovery!

  5. Such good news about the surgery and the very nice hospital room! Hope Jim will bounce back quickly!