Friday, August 4, 2017


It’s been an aggravating week.  We took the truck in to Safelite for a new windshield.  When we arrived we were offered a new pre-scratched windshield for full price.  No, I think I would prefer a windshield that is pristine.  Before we knew that we wouldn’t be getting new glass, we attempted to call a cab to take us somewhere for the 90 minutes the replacement would take.  Do you think you can just pick up your phone and summon a yellow cab?  Why no, you may not.  You must have an app, and with that app on your hackable phone, you must provide a credit card.  I don’t see this as an life improvement.  Anyway, we didn’t get a windshield, and we didn’t get a cab.  I think we’re back to having it done on the RV site, so we don’t have to hang out in a glass shop for hours.

The weather is just vile.  The atmosphere is poisonous.  We’re under a huge dome of high pressure, which is pulling in air from BC Canada, which is where the fires are.  Allegedly our air quality yesterday was worse than in Beijing.


The sun looks orange in this picture, it was actually a blue-red.  It was just weird.


There is a local controversy over a flag display.  It’s on county property and has been there in one form or another for several years.  It’s also on a narrow winding road.  The county got a call, asking for the retaining wall to be cleared of the display.  So, they did.  Outrage ensued.  The pro-flag people staged protests and planted even more flags into the retaining wall.  It’s an interesting response.  The flags are not lighted, and therefore should be taken down at night.  In these partisan times, it seems like everything must become a cause.


From the better news side of the spectrum, we now have DSL.  I ordered 12 mbps, but they wrote it up for 7 for some reason.  Apparently speed is tied to the type of modem they send.  I didn’t know that.  Anyway, the new modem arrives on August 8, and things should be faster.  Jim and I are big fans of rabbits eating raspberries.  I also enjoy the occasional cat video.

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  1. Interesting about the cab. Must depend on the part of the country, as when I had my bike accident in Georgia, Barry was able to call for a cab to take us from the ER to the campground. He could not use Uber (which would have been much cheaper than the $100 we paid!) because of all the reasons you noted above. We don't even have Smartphones, so Uber was not an option. Thankfully, the cab, surly driver and all, was -- otherwise we might still be sitting in the ER!

    I hope the weather has improved. Sounds awful. Guess in some ways I'm glad we didn't make it to the PacNW this summer as planned. There's been plenty of rain in the east, so even though it's hot, it's green, and we have no wildfires.