Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hot and Political Humor

Holy Cow, it’s hot.  Thursday it’s supposed to hit 99.  Very few homes in this area have air conditioning.  I feel bad for them.  This morning’s walk would have benefited from me getting out earlier.

The hibiscus are in full bloom.  It amazes me that they survived last year’s terrible winter.


This particular plant is in front of a senior living facility.  Maybe it’s an omen for us.


So far Jim is not seeing much improvement from the epidural.  I would have to say things are worse now than they were.  It can take up to two weeks to effect change, so it’s too soon to be despondent.

Are we all familiar with Representative Maxine Waters reclaiming her time from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin?  Instead of providing crisp answers to her questions, he went off on meandering non-answers.  She used a parliamentary procedure wherein she repeated “reclaiming my time” to get her time back. The internet went crazy about this.  Her words were worked into a gospel song.  There are many articles on the subject, one of which can be found here.  I used to be able to imbed stuff from youtube, but that function seems to be gone.  Anyway, click here for the gospel version, it’s really a hoot.

Finally, I can not resist this meme from Twitter, it’s funny.

obama laughing

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  1. Can't believe how hot it is there! We found the cool temps here in this part of CO, although we thought it would be even cooler at 9,000'.
    Sorry the epidural isn't working yet.