Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 205: Nazis in Virginia

Well, I never expected to see this in Charlottesville.  Hillary won the area by 80%.  There is a college there.  It’s just not a place associated with the alt-right.  But now it is.

Didn’t we fight a war against this flag?  Why would anyone bring it back?


Friday night they had a torch light parade.  Twitter enjoyed making fun of their Tiki torches, one description was “Pier One Nazis.”  Other people wondered exactly what it is they want.  Who oppresses white guys in the US?  There was chanting of “blood and soil” and “white lives matter” as well as anti Semitic crap.


Poor oppressed citizens.


This is a telling photo.  Look behind the officer’s right shoulder.  That’s KKK regalia.


On Saturday, the president made the effort to condemn hatred, bigotry and violence from “all sides, many sides” after violence broke out.  He would not name the White Supremacists, implying that the violence came from all quarters.  Apparently even that limp condemnation was too much for ex-leader of the KKK, David Duke.


This is from Daily Stormer, a white supremacist newspaper.


Later, someone drove their vehicle into a crowd of people protesting the alt-right’s hate speach.  One killed, many injured.  The police believe it was premeditated.


How did we get here?  This is how we got here.  This is from a WAPO editorial.
That was your crowd down there in Old Virginia, Donald Trump.
They were speaking your language, vomiting your sentiments, acting out what animates you from within.
Don’t act as though you don’t know them. They believe and expect you are working to “take back America” for them, because you are of them, just as just they know — as do you — that they gave their all for you.
So why are any of us the least bit surprised that Trump’s devoted clan of white nationalists would be so emboldened as to brazenly emulate their klan forbears and take it to the streets? One of their own reached the White House, with their help. It’s enough to make an old Confederate proud, and a present-day white nationalist as arrogant, reckless and dangerous as can be.


  1. These assholes have been with us always. However, they are loud and proud now thanks to what is laughably called our current administration which has quite the sweet tooth for authoritarianism.

    Trump believes in nothing. He has merely latched onto a group easily led to believe that he is a true believer. He holds only notoriety and wealth near and dear to his narcissistic heart.

    If there truly were a hell he and his paranoid shut-in loons would all find a place of honor there.

    This country has truly fallen down the rabbit hole.


  2. Why am I not surprised to see this happen. I know many of those who voted him in do not support this kind of thinking. Or do they? Color is the easiest to see and discriminate against. What they really hate is the fact that inside they all know they are losers.

  3. Between this horrifying situation in VA and what's going on with North Korea, I feel an impending sense of doom. Drumpf is bringing this country to ruin faster than I ever expected. I am terrified.

    1. I lived in Florida during the Cuban missile crisis and never was as concerned as I am now. Oddly it is not the external terrorists that the Idiot in Chief talks about but home grown terror and his form of lunacy that causes that concern.


  4. Agree with all the comments here. Although I am aware that these dregs of human beings (though calling them that is a stretch) have been around, only recently have they been so open about their hate and bigotry. I am deeply offended and horrified that this could happen in our America.