Saturday, December 20, 2014

Back to Hidden Trail

The rain is gone, but it's still pretty chilly.  We have a very cold air mass.  Today we went up the Hidden Trail.  We park at the Marriott Resort when we start there.  This is a drainage ditch under the road which has become a wetland after all the rain.  Look bottom left, do you see them?

Here they are.  These are mule deer.  The resort has large red and white signs forbidding hunting on their property, so these guys are safe from the hunters.  December and January are bow hunting season in the Tucson Mountain Park.  I am not morally opposed to hunting, without it we would be up to our navels in deer.  However, every year I really question the wisdom of allowing hunting in a park full of hikers and mountain bikers.  Hopefully the bow hunters have good aim and don't puncture a hiker.

It was a beautiful day in the desert.

These are the remains of the Bowen Homestead.  The wretched vandals are destroying the right most fireplace.  I think we should bring back the Code of Hammurabi when dealing with these little monsters.

In the category of  "it's always something" the Fantastic vent in the bathroom has started turning itself off and on at random.  Jim got up at 1:30 this morning and it was running.  Would it be asking too much to get through a winter without something breaking? We have a manual work around, but it's sort of a pain to keep raising and lowering that thing with the manual crank. 
Other than a few pictures and whining about a vent fan, this is all I have, maties.


  1. Love that you captured the mule deer...very cute! Good to know they are protected there:)

    This is a nice hike. We enjoyed walking around the house. Too bad about the vandals:( Boy, the desert is so nice and green. We can't wait to get back to Tucson.

  2. Love all the green! SO cool you got to see the deer! We've only seen deer once in Tucson, out on the trails behind Desert Trails RV Park.

  3. But life would be so boring if something didn't go wrong almost every day!

    1. I'll take boring! The RV has brought us sufficient entertainment.