Friday, March 29, 2013

McDowell Mountain Park is in Bloom.

We're at McDowell, where the desert is lush and beautiful.  It's amazing how green it is.  This is sunset last night.

Lush, beautiful, blooming!

There are many buckhorn chollas in the park, they're massing for an epic bloom.  Unfortunately, we aren't going to be here to see it.

Mexican Poppies.

Blooming Blue Stuff.

And finally, news you can use.

It's so nice here.


  1. Thanks for sharing the desert blooms! I hope we hit some place when the prickly pear bloom. We seem to be moving just ahead of the openings.

    Beautiful photos!

    Happy Easter!

  2. the blue is Lupine or in texas, Texas Bluebonnets. same flower :) they grow all over here in the mountains.

  3. Lovely! We don't have many flowers going on in Silver City. I'm living vicariously through all you folks around Phoenix!

  4. Gorgeous blooms!! SO happy they're in full bloom in McDowell too!