Thursday, March 14, 2013

Planning, a New Bike Rack and Model Airplanes

This was taken this past Sunday, back when it was chilly.  We spent a day in the RV doing travel planning for May, June and early July.  It was a long day.  Some of the places we want to go are still closed for the winter, so getting someone on the phone is difficult.  We had planned to spend two weeks in Bishop, CA, but noooo, we can not.  They are booked for Mule Days.  50,000 people will descend upon the area for mule stuff.  Since we're generally on our way to Coburg, OR, we had to find somewhere else to be for 5 days, therefore we are going to Mt. Lassen.  We've never been there, know nothing about it, but there we are going.  This is how the "planning" process works.

Now we advance to Tuesday, when we skipped over spring and went directly to really really hot.  Our mountain bike travel solution has been suboptimal.  When they are on the back of the truck and it rains, the chains rust, which is bad.  Here I am in the bed of the truck mocking up placement for four bikes.

After a couple of hours, Jim's ears were burning.  We put a wet cloth under his hat to keep him cool and shaded.

This is the final placement of the bikes.  The mountain bikes have to go forward, which is a bummer for getting the road bikes in and out, but at least they're all under cover when we're traveling.

Here is Jim drilling holes through the plywood so he knows where to put the screws for the wood blocks that position the rear wheels of the bikes.

Here I am with the hot glue positioning those wood blocks.  We learned from watching The New Yankee Workshop that hot glue is excellent for tacking items before turning them upside down.  All of the screws have to come up from the bottom of the rack.  Notice my excessive use of sunscreen and my wet scarf tied around my neck.  Yowzer it was hot.

Now the road bikes are back in their house.  There are handles on the edge of the plywood so we can pull it forward to get the bikes closer to us for removal and installation.  This is the 3rd version of this rack we've built, we are way down the curve.

Yesterday we rode.  We were heading out Camino del Oeste when I looked up and saw this.  It's a crested Saguaro.  It looks like it may be putting arms out of the crest.

We returned via the trail, stopping at Christopher Columbus park.  There were a bunch of older men flying model planes.

The man who made this B-26 is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel fighter pilot.  He built this from scratch.  Look at the little black dot behind the propeller closest to me.  One puts a glow plug igniter in there, and it heats the glow plug filament which ignites the fuel air mixture.  They burn a mixture of methanol and castor oil.

It takes two people to launch a plane.  Both engines finally started, and the pilot had to run to the center to pick up the controller.  They're not radio controlled, they're tethered.  The other guy is restraining the plane.  For some reason the video I shot of this showed only my feet, which was unfortunate.

There it goes, heading into the sky.

Next week there will be a national fly off at the park.  It might be worth watching.

Other than this, I have zippity doo-dah all to report.

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  1. Lassen National Volcanic Park is beautiful. We rode our motorcycle (which we no longer have) there one day before we left Redding, CA. It was a wonderful place that we had hoped to spend many days visiting. But there were wildfires on the north and south sides and one in the park. The day we chose to go visit, because one of the roads had opened, turned out to be a great day. They were opening the road through the park for the first time since the fire at noon! I think you will really enjoy yourself. I believe we have a blog on our day visit. We were there in late August. Check it out.

    I had to laugh when I saw your bicycle set up. We carry ours, we only have two, in the back of our Jeep the same way! John bought a board and attached the front lock plates. It is so easy to get them in and out and always have them with us. We wanted the four door Jeep just for the bikes. We aren't fans of carrying them outside the vehicle. We have always had something they would fit inside of. With four bikes, you have a perfect set up.