Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Ride to Arivaca

Today was another group ride to Arivaca. Going out from Amado was somewhat grueling due to a frisky head wind and much climbing.  We had lunch at Sweet Pea, it was pretty good.  Here is part of the group after lunch.

Very often the wind direction will do a 180 degree shift from when we go out, and when we come back.  Today, it remained a tail wind all the way back.  It was wonderful, a twenty two mile down hill and a screaming tail wind.  At one point I was doing 30 miles an hour, barely working.  We felt young again.

Tonight we had a happy hour at Janet's to say farewell to Imo.  The winter raft is breaking up and people are starting to return to the northern climes.  It was a pleasant evening.  We will miss Imo, and look forward to seeing her next year.
This is a cactus outside of Janet's park model.  See the old nest in it?  The season of bird love is upon us, soon they will be rebuilding.

This is my first post with my new laptop.  It's much faster than the old one.  There will be adjustment with the keyboard.  There is a numeric keypad, so my hands are slightly off set when typing, and the page down key is in an unexpected location.  However, if I could get used to the netbook, I can get used to anything.

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