Friday, January 11, 2013

Vendor Recommendation

When we bought our RV, the previous owner had worn two holes in the back of the driver's seat, and there were two cuts on the dashboard.  It's been driving Jim nuts.  Today, Anthony from ColorGlo came out and fixed the blemishes.  The color match is almost perfect, I think over time it will be unnoticeable.  So, if you have unsightly blemishes on your RV leather or vinyl, give them a call.  We're pretty happy about this.

One of the RVs near us has put up a hummingbird feeder.  This afternoon there were about 4 hummers trying to beat each other up while guarding the feeder.  The net result was none of them were getting anything to eat.  They're feisty little buggers.  If they would cooperate they would all get fed. 
Well, tonight will be our first night of lows in the 20s.  We're really hoping the wind will slack off a little during the day.

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