Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Trip to McDowell

Oy!  It's been a day!  It's only about 140 miles from RCW to McDowell, but it was a neurotransmitter depleting day.  These were taken north of Picacho Peak.  We were driving down the road and noticed the pickup on the far side of the road, facing the wrong way, with his flashers on.  Traffic slowed to a crawl.

We saw this first.  They were in the median, trying to back out of it.  My theory is that he was not paying attention and drove off the road when traffic came to a halt.

Then we saw this!  Vehicles everywhere.

The white pickup had been towing the trailer, but we think he was rear-ended.  If you look at the hitch, you will notice it's in the dirt.  Or maybe he rear-ended someone, because his front end was ruined.  Who can say?

Farther up the road we saw more vehicles.  The Airstream appeared to be unharmed.

The Budget Rental truck's driver appeared to be receiving a ticket from the police.

Then, even further up the road, the SUV was being loaded for removal.

We were really happy this happened before we got there.
Then, after turning onto 202, we saw a pickup truck go by with a giant fan in the bed.  It was the kind of fan you would use to dry concrete or something like that.  We both looked at the blades rapidly spinning and hoped it was firmly secured.  Nope.  Five minutes later it was in the middle of our lane, just waiting to take out the RV.  Fortunately the right lane was open and Jim avoided it.  The truck behind us hit it solidly, taking out his left front tire and then dragging it with the undercarriage.  That scared the living snot out of us, hitting that would have required removal with a wrecker.  
After arriving at McDowell, we pulled in to our slot, and what did we find? Bees!  I'm allergic to bees.  The water faucet was dripping and they were massing for a drink.  I hate bees.  We called our favorite apiarist who told us just to wait until sundown, and they would go home.  So, now we are here, the water is turned on, and things will be better tomorrow.

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