Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ride on, Tucson

Today was an excellent day.  It started out with the breakfast ride, which was chilly!  We went up to the Old Times Cafe.  We had a good group today, the Kansans and the Canadians are back.  It was good to see everyone again.  This is the Old Time omelette.  Portions are generous.

Today was Ride on, Tucson.  It's a bicycle party in Armory Park.  They block off the roads for a 2.2 mile loop through historic neighborhoods.  The goal is to get kids out on their bicycles.  Patrick Dempsey and Tom Danielson hosted the event.  We were there before the official start, and so were too early to stalk Mr. Dempsey for a photo op.  One of the things I love about events like this is the El Grupo turnout.  The club gets kids into riding and racing.  They also foster doing homework, community service and good manners.  They are an excellent asset to the community.
Here they are doing a bike handling exercise.  A large group is riding in little circles, occasionally having to stop and do a track stand to avoid hitting each other.

Mid-photo is Ignacio, who is the organization leader.  He is doing a perfect track stand, absolutely motionless.

Kids who can't afford to buy a bicycle, get a bicycle.  I donated a Trek Pilot when we first came to Tucson.  Having three road bikes in the 5th wheel was a major storage issue.  Lizzie rode it for a few years, and now this young woman is riding it.  Is she cute, or what?  El Grupo warms the cockles of my heart.  They're a 501c3 non-profit, if you'd like to send some cash their way.

That's Jim in the white helmet.  He volunteered to be a course marshal for the ride. 

The day ended with this.

All in all, it was a very good day.
Of course it would be better if the sweetie was here to pump up my bicycle tires.

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