Saturday, January 5, 2013

Aggravating Ride at McDowell

Aaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh.  Today was an aggravating day.  We set out for a ride, looking for a trail we had ridden on Thanksgiving.  It took us awhile to find it.  Eventually we realized the hideous uphill we'd just ridden was, in fact, the fabulous downhill I was remembering. So that was good.  But then Jim flatted.

Something bad is going on with Jim's back wheel.  This is the second flat he's had that was not caused by a puncture.

Today's incident occurred on the side of the tube facing the rim strip.  It's very peculiar.  The tube is bleeding latex.  It was a pretty good slice, so the latex couldn't seal it.

So, after an aggravating ride, we returned to our site and found bees swarming the basil and the site.  What is it with the bees and this site?  I think we're taking #72 off the list for the future.
Tomorrow we're up early to disconnect the water and electricity before the wretched bees return.  According to the internet, they do not fly below 55 degrees.  Then we will return to Tucson.

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