Monday, January 18, 2010

Raining in Tucson

It's raining. It's supposed to rain for 4 entire days. I want my snowbird rebate. Our friends Jim and Kim just arrived from the GPNW to escape just this sort of weather pattern. Oh woe is me. Yes, I know, the desert needs the rain, but really, FOUR days? Ok, enough whining about that.

This is me at camp. Notice some of my new acquisitions. I now have a Camelbak with around 600 cubic inches of storage for stuff. Mountain biking requires more stuff than road riding. One must be prepared for injuries and damage to the bike. Tools and first aid must be available. Fortunately I have Jim to carry all of that. I also have knee pads. The jury is still out on these things. With enough use and sweat they are supposed to wear in, conform to me, and be more comfortable. We'll see.

Yesterday we were tied up all morning so we went for a hike in the afternoon. The new wet weather pattern was on its way in.

So, for the next few days we will be enduring the rain. On a positive note, the new satellite receiver is working in the rain. After seeing over the air broadcasting disappear with wind or rain, we were wondering how well this would work. So far, so good. After all, I would not want to miss an episode of House Hunters International. Kidding, just kidding.

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