Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MTB Drills from Camp

Here we are in the storage area of the RV park doing drills from camp. We're practicing counter steering which is so counter intuitive. When practicing turning at speed (to the right, for instance) one pushes the right handle bar away from one's knee. It's difficult, it feels wrong. While pushing away with the handle bar, one also puts all of one's weight on the outside foot, moves the hips off the saddle (as in doing a hip check), and points the hips in the direction one is traveling, annnnnnnnnnd looks forward to victory (which would be 2 cones ahead). We occasionally end up with the weight on the wrong foot, or looking in the wrong place or something, but when done correctly, it's a beautiful thing.

The people in the RV park think we're nuts.

I got this picture off the web. I think this is Gene (guy who ran the MTB camp), but I'm not positive. Whoever it is has completely and totally mastered the art of this turn. Look at the perfection of his form. My oh my.

It did not rain today as forecast. Unfortunately the wind is rising with a vengeance, it may be a noisy slide topper night.

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