Sunday, January 4, 2009

Raining in the desert

Friday we were somewhat tired from our two days of riding and dragging bicycles, so we went out to the Genser trail head to hike gently. There were a fair number of people out on bikes. It was a spectacular day.

After the hike we drove up to the Army surplus store on 6th Avenue. It's near the University, and 4th Avenue where the bars and the hippies are. Driving up 6th is always interesting. It has not been gentrified and there are some great old buildings and neon.

We're not sure what the deal was with this guy. He's driving an old school bus, towing a huge old truck, also covered in text, doing about 10 mph on 6th avenue.

I like the recycling that was done with the vertical stabilizer. It made good yard art.

This is the 6th Avenue underpass. In the middle of the road on the lane divider is a depth gauge for how deep the water it when it's flooding. So, as you approach the low point you can tell how deep the water is. Every year people drive in and get stuck. Why, I ask you, why?

The Sahara Apartments. I love the font on the sign.

Another great sign.

So that was Friday. Saturday was also spectacular. Today, however, was not so good. It's just like being in Seattle. It's raining. There should be a snow-bird rebate for rainy days.

We have nothing new to report. Hope you are all well.

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