Monday, January 19, 2009

Off the Grid Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday we are riding up to Florence. Wednesday we are riding back from Florence. We will not be taking the laptop. I'm already experiencing internet withdrawal. The cell phone will be on, I think we'll have reception all the way.
Yesterday we did the breakfast ride with the Long Riders. I was thinking "sweet, a short ride with food." But wait there's more. After breakfast it was up A mountain (aka Sentinel Peak) and then it was up Gates Pass. After we got home we sat on the patio and did nothing for quite awhile.
This is Jim on the far left with 3 of the guys from the park on top of A mountain.

This is A mountain from space. You can sort of see the A on the left side of the photo.

Saturday we did ride with Jim S. who showed us a new, more challenging mountain bike trail out by the west side of Gates Pass. I didn't take any pictures, I was too busy following his line through the washes. He's a very good rider. Saturday's key learning was not to keep a death grip on the handle bars, but to let the bike make some of the decisions on where to go. I tried it and it does work. I had one fall due to being in deeper sand than I like, but falling in sand does have its advantages.
Hope you are all well. We are doing fine.

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