Sunday, December 10, 2023

The End of Aquisition and the Perfidy of Some Republicans

How are things with you?  We're tired.  Since we got here there has been work, some biking, but work, as well.  The front yard needed some help.  We spread 22 bags of lava rocks over the existing gravel.  It was pretty thin, parts of it were bare dirt.  The biggest driver for the lava rock was the two wretched looking blue plastic pots that had been sunk in the yard, and filled with dirt.  There was no way we were getting the pots out, so we took hammers to the above ground pieces, removed them, and then covered the entire lot with rock.  We got the white pot out by emptying the pot of dirt into plastic bags and taking them to the dumpster.  Plastic pots don't do well in the sun here, they disintegrate so they're hard to move.

It looks good now, very zen.

There have been bike racks.  We bought a Sport Wing to bring down to Tucson in the spring of this year.  We'd had one before, and while it wasn't fabulous, it was good enough.  Unbeknownst to us, in the time between our first rack and then, Reese bought the company.  They took every opportunity to ruin the product.  After spending an afternoon assembling, and trying to make it work, it ended up in the dumpster.  Then we tried a hanging rack, with Yakima top tube extenders.  Nope!  The videos showing the rack holding three bikes, with different geometries in happy harmony must have been CGI.  It all went back.  They charged us return shipping, but not restocking.  So, most of that money will come back.  Today we assembled a Rocky Mounts platform rack.  It's not great, but it's good enough.  Bike racks have become a luxury item, I just can not believe how much they cost.  This is how we will be moving the bikes.

In Spokane we have a Thule T2 rack, which we've have for years, and it really is the pinnacle of rack technology.  Hopefully we're going to shuffle off this mortal coil before that rack wears out.  Reviews of the newer, even more expensive racks are not great.

We did come down here with the non-acquisition fatwas in place.  This was supposed to be a low cost winter.  Hah!  Double Hah Hah Hah!  That lasted for about three days.  There was kitchen furniture, the Breville oven, towels, sheets, cast iron skillets, a grill, a shop vac and a floor vacuum cleaner, and other assorted items.  Oh yes, and there was a rowing machine.  We really and truly enjoy the rowing machine.  It's also a good way to warm up for lifting weights, and the physical therapy stuff for my wretched hip.  So, we have one of these now.  It's the follow on to the one we have in Spokane.  The geometry is slightly different, the handle hits lower on the chest, but it's good enough.  I will say the seat has more cushioning, which is good.

So, after today, we are done hunting and gathering and assembling.  I am happy about that.

By now, everyone has probably heard that the Texas Supreme Court has stayed a lower court order that she could abort her fetus.  It has a fatal genetic defect and needs to be removed.  Worse, the woman has had two C-sections.  If she miscarries late in pregnancy, it likely will rupture her uterus, and if it doesn't kill her, it will remove any possibility of future pregnancy, which she wants.  A bunch of Republicans did this.  One of the Texas Supreme Court justices has a record of arrests from protesting at abortion clinics, and encouraged his wife to carry her 7th pregnancy to term, despite being told the child would die (it did), and his wife would likely die, as well (she survived).  That's who these people are.  

Anyway, lots of people, including me, keep asking why women in red states just don't go to a blue state and have the procedure.  This is why.  I had no idea things were this gruesome.  It's worth reading.

Republicans continue to show us who they are.  This is from twitter.  There is video.  CLICK HERE to play it and think about what he's saying.

In news of good government, brought to us by Democrats,  there has been tremendous price gouging for tuna, eggs and chickens.  The Washington state Attorney General, Mr. Ferguson, said his office recovered $35.5 million from resolutions with 15 of 19 broiler chicken producers named in a 2021 price-fixing lawsuit. The 19 producers account for about 95% of the broiler chickens sold in the U.S.  The money is being sent to people who don't make a lot of money.  They're not big checks, but it's a start.  KOMO had an article on the subject.  The alleged "inflation" that is running rampant is actually price gouging.  If you look at corporate profits, it's pretty dang evident.  Too bad Fox and the other right wing outlets won't talk about it.

Once again, I failed to notice that an item I was ordering from Amazon was coming from China.  Why on earth are they drop shipping single items to the US?  I do not understand the economics of this.  This just amuses me greatly.

It's coming from Shanghai!  The last time this happened, it was a measuring cup and it took three months to arrive.

There was a ride to Christopher Columbus park.  There is a very attractive lake there.  The city stocks it with fish for the citizens to catch.

Other than this, I have nothing left to say.


  1. We recently moved from a larger house to this one that my son owns, and you would think I'd have everything we would need (and more). But there are items I've needed to buy here that we didn't use at the old house. A drying rack is one of them - the laundry is on the main floor and the dryer is LOUD! So I figured if I could dry some items on a rack, I wouldn't have to listen to the noise quite as much.
    I was so horrified to read about the woman in Texas. I understand the defect is Trisomy 18, and a statistic I read indicates only 50% of the babies survive birth, and 95% die before their first birthday. Add in the risk to the mother's health and life, it's just heartbreaking. Forced birth, consequences (and death) be damned is a sick way to try to control women.
    The lake photos are lovely!

  2. So called christian Republicans want to go back to the days when women often died from pregnancy and childbirth. Another woman whose pregnancy was unviable went to the hospital twice and was sent home. She miscarried and was arrested for abuse of a corpse or some absurd charge. These men are sadists and are probably high fiving each other.

  3. I am so angry at what these men are putting women through, denying us sovereignty of our own bodies, risking our lives, our future children, and I am angry that they are getting away with it. I'm so pressed by all this I dont know what to do, and sometimes, for sanity's sake, i go numb. Definitely not good. Your lake is so beautiful, and your curb appeal is indeed very zen. Lovely.

  4. Beautiful lake! As for the politics, well, those lawmakers in Texas are monsters. (And, to be fair, they think we're monsters.) I'm not sure who wins. The women don't. The unwanted or terminally ill kids don't. There's just more suffering, which these right-wing theocrats will blithely write off as "God's will."

  5. I've had many shipments lately direct shipped from China. Apparently their government is still subsidizing much of the economy.


  6. This is an article about why shipping from China is so much cheaper.

    And there will always be abortions and unwanted pregnancies. The question is, will there be safe, legal abortions. I'm sick and tired of people (mostly men) who just hate women.

  7. There are always "bits and bobs" that need to be acquired!!
    Thule racks are good. When you think of the cost of the bikes that go on them, I can't see why some rack makers skimp...

    Lawmakers? Heartless.

  8. Hopefully, you've got everything in order so you can relax a bit.
    I won't even start on the Texas mess. It makes me so angry.

  9. I like your "zen garden". I know you are trying not to acquire another thing, but instead of plants that would need maintaining, how about some form of sculptural metal flowers/plants? If you google "yard art", you'll see some examples of what I am talking about. Never need watering but add an extra bit of whimsy, and perhaps color, to your tiny "garden". Doesn't have to be this year, maybe next, once your practical needs are met.