Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Rain and Hikes

 Hey Ho.  It rained today, it's been gruesome pretty much all day.  The Catalinas looked like this.

Sunday we did the hike up the Iris Dewhirst trail.  The Brittlebush is blooming.  There is yellow everywhere.  We did not go to Dove Mountain because the LIV golf tournament was still going on up there.  Apparently the crowds have been bad, the music has been too loud, and the residents are not happy about it.  Not to mention, they cut down two giant Saguaros so they could put up a viewing stand.  Murdering Saguaros is against the law here.

Water is still flowing in the stream.  It's drying up, but there is still flow. 

Yesterday we had really thick clouds and high winds.  It wasn't cold, but it was gusting to 35 mph so we decided on another hike.  We drove down to where we used to live.  I guess their property crime rates have gone up because they've installed a gate that closes automatically at 8 pm.  They've also put No Trespassing signs on every step through gate to tell people not to come into the neighborhood from the park.  We drove in, parked off the street across from our old house and walked in to Tucson Mountain Park.  All of the "no trespassing" signs are making me feel very un-welcome.  For awhile I was fairly unhappy about this, but we can also park at the Sarasota trail head and do much of Tucson Mountain Park from there.  So, we'll get by. 

There were interesting looking clouds.

More sky. 

We walked up a valley between two ridges.  This is Saguaro heaven.  I have never seen such a concentration of them anywhere in Tucson.  If you turn around and look behind you, the other hill side does not have nearly this many.  They really like that exposure.

Down the hill away, there is Cholla heaven.  See the light colored things?  Cholla, they want to stab you.  If you look at the side of the hill behind them, you can see the slide that happened in 2021.  My post on the subject can be found here.

It was good to be back in Tucson Mountain Park.  I think it's one of the best areas in the Sonoran Desert. 

This is worth a read, it's not long.  I read this blog often, and yesterday she did not disappoint.  It's about how history and fascism are once again repeating themselves in this country, and how the banning of teaching history is enabling the entire bloody process.

I took this in 2020.  It's a blooming Agave plant spike, it was growing down the street from us.  Off to the left is a hummingbird.  The flowers make quite a buffet for them.  I ran across it somewhere, and decided to put it up again because it's so dang cheerful.

Welp, he's not indicted yet, but it's been ruled that attorney-client privilege no longer applies between the orange dumpster fire and some of his lawyers.  There was crime being done by the lawyers, so they can be compelled to testify and turn over notes, recordings and all other work product.  This is bad for the orange one.  I don't care what they convict on, I just want him in jail.

That's it!  That's all I've got.


  1. I listened to Rachel Maddow's podcast, Ultra, which is detailed, well researched and presented in a most efficacious way, the entire history of Nazi America, utterly gobsmacking- interesting how history has been obfuscated for all of our lives! Lied to...Anyway there is that.
    I love your photos of the dryness and the blue sky, I remember that slide, too. that was quite a swoop of earth.
    Travel well. Stay out of the sun, haha.

  2. Good walks, but spoilt by all those signs I guess?
    Yes. Debby has it spot on.
    The Orange one is matched by the Yellow one in Britain. He should also be incarcerated...and his pension removed

  3. Love the photos. Wonder what prompted all of the "No Trespassing" signs? I think people are getting more and more paranoid in general, everywhere, but maybe there was an incident that prompted those notices.

  4. I get so tired of waiting for him to be indicted. Everyone in the country now knows how to spell indicted correctly.