Thursday, October 6, 2022

Another Booster and Random Photos

 I have so little to write about.  Politics are making me crazy, so we won't go there.  

Monday (the 3rd) we got our bivalent Covid boosters.   Tuesday was just awful.  My arm was red and hot at the injection site, and it hurt.  I hurt up into the back of my neck and my lymph nodes in my neck and groin, there was a lot of hurt everywhere.  The injections themselves were totally painless, we actually wondered if we'd gotten a real vaccine.  Tuesday proved that we had.  Wednesday I was fine, and we rode to the lake.

The white blobs are geese.  They're not Canadian, they are the geese with orange legs and feet, and unpleasant dispositions.  Having said that, Monday we were watching a Canadian goose lower its head and rush one of their fellow geese to make it move away.  That was not characteristic Canadian behavior.

Needless to say, exactly zero work has been done in the area. 

Since I am now the most boring person on earth, I will post some pictures off twitter.

People in Ukraine love their animals, they have an empathic connection with them, it seems.  The photos of dogs lying beside their dead owners is just more than a body can bear.  But here is a very live cat in a military vehicle.  Notice how calm the cat is.  Every cat I've ever owned would have been trying to get out of the vehicle.

This is a meteor.  There was no indication of where it was taken, but it's a cool shot.

Molly Jong-Fast is frequently on twitter, she writes for The Atlantic, and has a podcast.  She also has three dogs, one of which is a rescue Mexican Hairless named Leonides.  This is a perfect NYC apartment dog.  In the winter, he has quite the assortment of warm clothes he wears.

It appears that Covid is about to get worse.  There are new variants that are not treated by the current crop of monoclonal antibodies, they're very contagious, and it's likely the current vaccines will not be particularly effective.  India and the UK are seeing case counts rise.  There's a good, plain English, article on the subject in Salon.

So, that's all I've got.  I mainly wanted to memorialize how bad the last booster was, so I remember that for next time.


  1. Hi Allison....sorry you had a difficult time with the latest COVID vaccine. We were a little concerned before but had absolutely no reaction at all. Finger's crossed that it will protect us for a little while at least!

  2. I had a sore arm and fatigue for a few days with the last booster but it looks like more, better covid is coming. Yay. Thanks for the links to the articles.

    As for Canada geese, they are like geese but with a military upgrade and fierce. Stay out of their way:)

  3. Everything is pretty sad in this world. The only reaction I had was a sore arm. Sure hoping it does some good. Our highs are getting down to the upper 80s so we're all happy here in AZ. I stay away from geese regardless of where they are from.

  4. All white geese may well be common farmyard geese. They are meaner than mean and delight in taking you out. Ask me when I was a three year old girl.

  5. So sorry about your booster! I felt nothing when I got mine about two weeks ago, but I'm not sure mine was "bivalent" (whatever that means). It was the Moderna, which seems to be what the NHS is doling out at the moment.

    1. Later, after some research -- apparently mine IS bivalent.

  6. I haven't gotten the most recent booster yet but I should go do it. I think I'm going to have to ignore politics until after the election. The lies from the republicans are getting so extreme. One ad on TV for Abbott tells us that we have the most dangerous border in the world! Over two million arrests have been made of people crossing illegally so far this year, the most ever, and drugs are being confiscated but to hear republicans tell it people, criminals, and drugs, are pouring over and Biden is doing nothing and Beto will hang out the welcome sign.

  7. I haven't had the latest booster and flu shots are due this month too. I haven't been to the drugstore to book my shot(s) yet. I must remember to do that next week.
    The Canadian geese here in Canada are known to be bullies. It's never a good idea to get between one and where it wants to go. :) They also poop more than any living creature deserves to do so. I like seeing them in the spring but I'm even happier to see them leave in the fall.

  8. Glad you got your booster, but dear Lord, more covid bad news? We can't get ahead of this thing, can we. I am now one of those people that wants to just stick my head in the sand. I wont, of course, but sigh. Which booster did you get, Pfizer or Moderna? I got Moderna and had only a sore upper arm, nothing more.

  9. So sorry to hear about the booster troubles. I got mine about 3 weeks ago and I didn't have any problem at all. Between the virus, Putin and the Republicans, there are too many things to worry about.

  10. I need to schedule my bivalent booster but keep waiting until a time when I see bad weather the next day and nothing on my agenda, since I've had fever, aches, and misery for 24-36 hours after every dose. Sorry to hear that you did this time as well. It is short-lived, but you have to plan for it.