Sunday, July 31, 2022

It's Still Hot

Holy crap it's hot.  It's almost Tucson hot.  This is a screen shot of my phone yesterday.  That 79F that was forecast for Thursday was giving us all a little hope, but they've changed it to the upper 80s, so no joy for us.

Yesterday we were up and out early to ride to the lake.  It was amazingly still, no breeze whatsoever.
It's unfortunate that I didn't see the stick in front of the silo reflection, so the image is not as good as it could have been. 

The maple trees at the 9 Mile Lake park are full of maple seeds.  Fortunately, they do not all germinate.  We have many in our yard and spent time in early spring pulling up the sprouts.

The tall grass is heading up, making grass seed.

The orange ectoplasm has really hit bottom with his most recent atrocity.  He has been keeping goats on the New Jersey golf course, so he gets a farm write off on taxes.  Then, his first wife, Ivana, died.  Her next of kin, either her mother or her rotten children, gave the ectoplasm permission to bury her on the Bedminster golf course.  Why, you wonder?  The golf course has now been reclassified as a cemetery, and ectoplasm will not have to pay taxes on income generated by the course, or pay property and sales tax.  What a guy.  Her grave site is just sad, no headstone, just a flat stone with her name, date of birth and death.  On the bright side, the LIV pro-am he hosted there failed to attract very many spectators and they ended up selling tickets for a dollar.

Periodically, google sends me pictures from out of the past.  The most recent tranche was from Capitol Reef.  It's such an amazing area, really beautiful.

So, that's it!  That's all I've got.


  1. You can almost see the heat...
    The doings of the orange one defy do those of our greasy piglet(as described by one of his own party)

  2. Goodness that is too hot for me.
    One can only hope she comes back to haunt him. Grifters always grift.

  3. The planet is burning up. Soon we all will too at this rate.

    I wondered what the deal was with burying her there. What power that be let him get away with reclassifying a golf course as a cemetary. What bullshit.

  4. Just when you think trump can't get any lower, he does.

    1. Now all he needs is an online minister's certificate and he can claim the whole damn thing as a church. What a dick.

  5. I enjoy watching PGA golf and am so very glad this LIV tournament is not doing well. Good riddance to the players I used to like who joined that tour for the money; little mini-trumps, I guess. He really has sunk to a new low of late.

  6. Happy to hear about the LIV tournament and enraged at DT's latest escapades. HOW does he always manage to get away with this? I am so tired of it.

  7. A goat farm and an Ivana plot. E-I-E-I-O.

  8. Surely the presence of a single grave doesn't convert the entire golf course to a cemetery for tax purposes. If that's the case, someone needs to address that glaring problem with the tax code.