Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 1 Ukraine

It appears that NATO has reneged on supplying aircraft.  It's difficult to parse what their excuse is, something about not transiting NATO airspace, pissing off Putin, escalation, yada yada yada.  What in the hell do they think will happen after Putin takes Ukraine.  Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia may be next.  Putin has a plan to recreate the Russia of yore.

The 40 mile convoy of equipment is stalled.  It's believed that they are out of gas, possibly food.  Barry McCaffrey had this to say about the situation.

Civilians in Ukraine are beginning to starve.  They need food and weapons.

Remember the first impeachment trial when the committee interviewed Fiona Hill?  She's brilliant.  Anyway there is an interview with her in Politico.  It's a long read but worth the time to understand how and why things have come to this.

Meanwhile in the US, the beacon of democracy, Texas is de-registering voters.  Their registrations are just gone.  Georgia sat on their new illegal re-districting long enough that a federal judge ruled that it was too close to the election to throw out the map.  Pennsylvania and North Carolina are appealing their Supreme Courts' decisions to approve fair voting maps.  I think we're about to become a republican run country, which is not good. 


  1. It's not good, and it's very dangerous.

  2. There is really only one word for it all.
    It is not even important to get ducks in a row or do a Swedish death clean-just go out and give the tree a hug or tell a bug that it has the best of all worlds, of all life, because humans are motherfuckers. Yep, humans doing very bad things.

  3. I have answers to few problems, the climate, the Ukraine and Republicans included. I go with Linda Sue.

  4. It's not good. And it's complicated.
    The Russians don't want NATO right on their doorstep.
    Just like the USA wasn't happy during the Cuba crisis

    And through it all, Ukrainians...and indeed ordinary Russians..suffer

  5. I hadn't heard the equipment convoy stalled. I can understand fears of escalation, but you're right -- it's scary to contemplate how far Putin might go. If he tries to absorb the Baltic states he will have a direct confrontation on his hands.

  6. Here we go again. The world at war. We humans never learn, never change.

  7. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Will continue until we learn ...

  8. None of it is Good right now...