Sunday, February 13, 2022

Still Painting and Other Stuff

What have you been doing?  I think you know what we've been doing.  Painting.  It would probably go faster if we got up earlier, and got to painting earlier, but we don't.  So there you go.  For the most part we are done with the upstairs.  There is a door ding I missed in the primary bedroom closet, and that's about it.  

The primary bedroom closet, pantry, and sewing room are all the original interior color.  We took many paint chips home trying to get as close to the color as possible.  It's a light color, with an under tone of peach.  The best chip match was the same shade of color, but with a green undertone.   It's so weird, I can take the green paint and paint over the peach paint and it blends in nearly perfectly.  The one place where we put painter's tape on the wall to cut off how how close to the shelving units we were willing to paint, the difference is visible.  Today, cutting in walls and baseboard in the sewing room it was tough to tell where we'd left off.  Paint is weird.

Here we have stuff out of the pantry.

This is my ancient turkey roaster.  I've had this from the early 1980's.  It will easily hold a 25 pound turkey.  Good gravy is made from drippings (butter) in this because it burns a little.  It beats the socks off of a disposable aluminum pan. 

We're having the granite in the dining room replaced.  If you look at the right side, you can see the gap between the slab and the wall.  A lot of work was done in the house after the Wilsons left for assisted living, and I think there was not much over sight.  Anyway, the guy who does the templates came out to measure.  We want the sides to extend out into a bull nose and wrap around the top of the cabinet.  Measuring dude called the office to see if this could be done in a solid surface material, and was told that it would look "stupid as f*ck."  He was on speaker.  Really?  Anyway it can be done and that guy is sort of an idiot.  See the tape and the dots?  They put the tape up, photograph it, and then transfer it to a program that does measuring that's very exacting.  I'm wondering if the dot data feeds NC machines. 

We're not getting granite.  For this small of an install, it would be prohibitively expensive.  Instead we're going with a solid surface similar to Corian.  It's close enough to the other granite in the kitchen, and much less money.  It's also not orange, my phone camera makes everything orange.  The picture above is more true to life.

Yesterday we walked up the hill.  It was a gorgeous day.  The snow in the shade has turned in to ice, so not all of the trails were available.  It was still a good walk and it was nice to be out of the house.

Remember Special Prosecutor John Durham?  He did some sort of a court filing yesterday, that was widely mis-interpreted.  Firstly, the statute of limitations has passed for anything he discovered to be prosecuted.  Secondly, the statement that the Clinton campaign had hired people to spy on the campaign of the orange ectoplasm was not made by John Durham, it was made by Kash Patel, Principal Deputy to the Acting Director of National Intelligence some time ago.  Patel never followed up on this. Anyway, facts not withstanding, the orange guy felt compelled to issue this statement.  Crazy much?

Orange dude can't seem to remember Mr. Durham's name, either.  If you're on twitter, you should follow @emptywheel who has written extensively about this.  More on the subject is here  and here.

I bought a new baking pan, it was supposed to be 9X13, which it's not, but it's close.  Anyway, this is the cardboard that came in the bottom, demonstrating what yummy delights could be cooked in it.

I think it's a duck.


  1. My body would be wore out from all the painting you are doing. I'm sure the house will be beautiful and clean when you finish.

    He becomes more deranged with every minute that passes.

  2. If he wasn't such a dangerous asshole he would be pathetic.

    A bullnose on the sides against the wall? And I wonder why they didn't put the tape all the way across in the back.

    That 'duck' looks more like it's a mummy. They left the head on but cut off the feet. Weird.

  3. When this paint work is done, I'm sure you'll never want to see another can of paint again.

    I'm not certain I would have bought the glass pan with that photo. Not sure what it is but it looks creepy!

  4. If you can find a piece of wall or closet shelf that has the color paint your're looking to match, you can take it into Sherwin Williams and they'll stick it in a little machine and come up with the exact color match! We're trying to repaint the "log room" and when Dave couldn't find any example of the paint, he cut a small hole in the closet wall for the match! Ah well, desperate times call for desperate measures!

  5. Household stuff and dealing with contractors can be SO frustrating. I picked out tile and grout for my restoration of my master bedroom floor (leak);it's strange how hard it is to find something that doesn't fight with the granite and backsplash while looking good (or at least decent) with the wall color and carpet. Ugh! I have no eye.

  6. The made the cupboards squeeze in, but couldn't make the counter squeeze out? Gross incompetence.
    Walking up a hill makes you think happily of the walk down, but it turns out to be equally difficult.

  7. Ha! That cardboard for the baking dish is hilarious. It looks more like a pterodactyl. I love a good baked pterodactyl.

    The right-wingers are putting a lot of stock in this Durham investigation. I read the Gateway Pundit now and then (purely for entertainment purposes) and they can't stop babbling on about it.

    I'm not sure why the countertop guy was so against your idea! He probably just didn't want to be bothered.

  8. Counter people sound very professional!! Sounds like Trump is in need of some cash, needing reparations. He is an idiot, albeit a dangerous one because so many seem to take his word without actually investigation. I like the dish, but find the illustration unappealing!

  9. Do you ever imagine what the world would be like without tRUMP and Putin? I do. I've been thinking of that a lot.

  10. Ugh - painting. I have some of that in my future also. What is that "yummy" thing they think someone would cook? I believe I'd pass were I you.

  11. I think it's very cool that you're painting your house at your own pace, not letting it rule your time and inclination. It will all get done. Who installs a granite counter of the wrong measurement? Sigh. I actually like the look of your replacement material better.

  12. Poor duck (or whatever it is!) I like your solid-surface countertop; looks like real stone. Our builder tells us that granite is now less expensive than quartz. Of course we went with the latter for our new build, but I like minimal pattern, so at least I stuck with the lower-tier price-wise, which are the very simple patterns or, in the case of our kitchen and hall bath, just plain white.