Saturday, February 5, 2022

Painting and Perfidy and Malfeasance

And...... we're painting and painting.  Today we masked the cap rail on the pony wall.  It took awhile because we only painted the top, and so the painter's tape had to go just over the edge.  Then there was plastic sheeting to protect the walls and the stairs and the hand rails down the stairs and the carpet.  Masking took about two hours, painting was about 20 minutes.  That's the way of it.

This is the new technique for transferring small amounts of paint from the can to the roller tray.  Jim is using my soup ladle.  The best part of this is not having to pour the paint out and get it all over the top of the can and the sides.  If you wash the ladle with dish detergent immediately, it's still food safe.

So, yesterday the republicans censured Representatives Kinzinger and Cheney.  I'm still pissed at them for voting against the voting rights bill, but at least they're standing up for justice on the subject of the January 6, 2021 insurrection.  The language in the document is just stupid.  Spraying law enforcement with bear spray and threatening to hang VP Pence is hardly legitimate political discourse.  These people are awful people.

Rick Wilson of the Lincoln Project had this to say about the orange ectoplasm after Pence finally grew a spine and said the ectoplasm was wrong, he (Pence) did not have the authority to overturn the election, and further it was wrong to assume one person could choose the president for the entire country.  Maybe he should have come forward earlier, like in December of 2020 when this was being planned, but better late than never. 

We had a little sunset last night.  Tonight's was better, but I was in the basement and didn't see it in time to get a camera.

Today was sunny, it was lovely to see out of the windows as we painted indoors.  Actually, we did leave the house on the hunt for foam rollers for tomorrow.  They've become something else you can't have.  It took visits to three stores before we could find them in stock.

That's it!  Another boring post.


  1. I hope you're taking before and after photos--what a transformation! It's a LOT of work though. I wimped out and paid to have my interior, my trim and the outside of my doors painted. I love the clean, fresh look. Of course, not even a year after that I had a toilet leak which undid my kitchen ceiling. Sigh. Beautiful sunset! It's so pretty with the snow.

  2. I love painting but it is a lot of work too. I'm only just finishing up the basement bathroom that I started over two years ago. Life got messy.

  3. I repainted most of the house a couple of years ago, but had a company take care of the front hall, stairwell, living room and kitchen. They didn't use any painters tape at all. Crazy! I couldn't do it.

    We're in the midst of a sh*t show here in Canada now too. The RWNJ's have gathered up the unvaccinated and tinfoil hat people to protest in our nation's capital. A protest would have been okay, but they've gone all in an occupation - we're on day 9, I believe. The Gofundme grift has been frozen because of the illegal activities but they've moved to a new platform. (Supposedly Christian) And now a few of the Republican politicians, DeSantis and Paxton, have weighed in - even IQ45 has said far too much. Much of the funding is coming from the States. It's ugly and I don't know how or when this will end, as it's spreading across the country.

    Okay that was a long rant, sorry!

  4. Well, just keep thinking about how good it's all going to look when it's done!

    Isn't the Lincoln Project anti-Trump? I guess party loyalty trumps (ha!) individual conscience and loyalty to the Constitution, at least in Wilson's mind.

  5. I'm going to have to do some touch up painting here soon. And yeah the taping and plastic preparation seems to take the most time.

    A couple of other Republicans have come out against that 'legitimate political discourse' thing, Romney and I think Collins maybe both of whom say one thing and vote a different way. I can't believe the GOP/RNC actually put this out there. This statement coupled with the violent footage against the capitol police and the destruction of the Capitol needs to be non-stop reminding people that the GOP is intent on destroying our democracy. It quit being the Republican party some time ago. Now it's the Trumplican party. And I love Rick Wilson's tweet. Why hasn't Trump stroked out is what I want to know.

  6. When I had my bathroom remodeled a few years ago, one fellow on my contractor's team was "The Painter". He lived to slap down tape, even to the tiniest places, like the ledge of an interior door with panels. The tiny, tiny shelves. The chair rail. I watched him, mouth hanging. I couldn't have done all that tape, and I respect it on windows and around ceilings.

  7. Totally agree with Ellen about Trump! I enjoy painting. I find the tedious prep to be soothing as I anticipate the paint that will change the atmosphere!

  8. You are so vigilant about your Painting Project, it's impressive the time and care you're taking, I'd be inclined to be hasty and botch it. *LOL* The ReTrumplican Party has totally hijacked what used to be a Conservative Party with any semblance of Order and Dignity in it. That Party is now rendered impossibly damaged and not at all functional in a Democracy, because those in it now want Autocratic Rule by their Cult Leader or any Sycophant of his demented agenda. Censoring the few Sane ones and allowing the Lunatic Fringe ones not to be Censored among them is muzzling any remnant of what used to pass as a legitimate Party that could ever be Trusted to Lead if Elected.

  9. What a perfect idea for transferring paint from can to tray! Thank you!

  10. Three comments:
    1. Rick Wilson's tweet actually made me guffaw out loud. Yes, guffaw.
    2. I LOVE the soup ladle idea. I think it would be worth buying a cheap ladle and designating it for paint scooping. I have done way too much painting in the past few decades, and I sure could have used that technique, had I been as smart as you two.
    3. All the work you're having to do on that house is actually making me eat my words, those words being "I wish we'd just bought an existing house instead of building new!"