Thursday, June 24, 2021

Today in Crazy Town

I know, I know, I do go on about the AZ fraudit and the total wingnuts that are behind it.  However, this is stuff I don't want to forget or lose the links, so it has to go here.  OAN, a right wing cable channel, has been live streaming the fraudit from the fairgrounds.  They've also been fund raising to pay for it.  Today, however took a turn for the worse, to a place I didn't think even OAN would go.

Pearson Sharp is an on air personality on OAN.  He is standing there proposing, in a very calm voice, that Democrats should be executed for stealing the election.  Click here to play the video, I don't know how to drag it out into the text of my blog.  The Qanon people are just beside themselves with joy, contemplating getting out they guns and mowing down a bunch of heathen traitors.  Honestly, I no longer recognize my fellow citizens.

In a related Rawstory article, Karen Fann who spearheaded the fraudit has been called out for starting the entire debacle that has lead to the mass hysteria and stupidity over the 2020 vote.  The article on Rawstory is here, if you have an ad blocker, you'll have to disable it to read the piece.

"It's bad enough that Senate President Karen Fann's 'unbiased, independent' auditors have teamed up with a fringe media outlet that has led the charge in peddling conspiracy theories, one whose reporter, Christina Bobb, is a former Trump administration official who is now raising money to help fund the audit. Now Arizona's audit partner, OAN, is airing a report telling us that potentially tens of thousands of 'ra.dical Democrats' should be executed once the evidence of a 'coup' is unearthed in Arizona and in other audits that will follow," she explained. "Gee, and here I thought Fann told us the audit was simply about determining if Arizona's election laws need to be tightened."

I read somewhere today that DHS is beginning to be concerned about levels of violence when the orange ectoplasm is not reinstated in August.  Mike Lindell announced today that Lin Wood would be in charge of organizing the celebratory parades for the blessed event.

Matt Gaetz, accused child sex trafficker, took a run at Lloyd Austin, SecDef, about "wokeness" in the military.  SecDef responded with we're looking at behaviors of those serving, not their belief systems.  Gaetz, of course, was trying to get some inflammation going about critical race theory.  Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, needed to respond to Gaetz.  Another representative ceded some of her time so Milley could speak.  The entire exchange was showed the substance of those two men, and the grand-standing depravity of Matt Gaetz.  It's on youtube, and you can watch it here.  It's a good use of four minutes if you haven't seen the clip.

One of the on air people at MSNBC has stopped referring to Gaetz by name, but instead refers to him a "accused child sex trafficker." which amuses me greatly.

So that was today.  This morning's ride was hot and humid.  We have clouds and moisture, but so far not enough to produce enough rain.  Here is another picture of fruiting saguaros.  

That's it!  That's all I've got.


  1. the DOJ needs to do more than 'be concerned'. the situation in this country is dire but the danger is not from the crazies but from people like McConnell and McCarthy. the crazies are just the entertainment, the distraction from what the corporate controlled republicans are doing to suppress the vote and make sure another democrat never gets elected. will violence break out when August comes and goes and Trump is still not 'reinstated', as if there's any provision for that. I don't think so. they want to rant and rave and talk about how they're going to go out and start killing democrats but I don't think that when push comes to shove that these idiots are going to pour out in the streets and start shooting people as if democrats wear a badge identifying themselves. well, OK, that already happens but it's usually just one guy with a grudge.

    I hope you get some rain.

  2. I hadn't seen that video of the OAN guy. Insanity!