Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hot and Lying Republicans

Welp, we have crossed over the summer equinox, and now the days will start getting shorter.  Longer nights provide more time for cooling off.  Thus far it's not perceptible, but it's the better trend.  Meanwhile, a giant heat dome is building on the I5 corridor between Washington and Oregon.  Monday in Seattle is forecast to be 104 degrees.  This is bad because air conditioning is not the norm in Seattle since it never gets really hot there.  Right.

Currently we are having some pretty good wind and dark skies, but so far no water falls from the sky.  It showered briefly last night, but not enough to do any good.  The weather heads keep saying it looks good for monsoon, but not yet.

Yesterday we had some cloud cover, which helps with the riding.  The sun here has the ability to drill right through your skull and in to your brain.  Very painful.

This morning we had two Pima County Sheriff vehicles on the street.  They're parked in front of a house that we think is currently not occupied.  After awhile, one of them drove down to the other end of the street, did a 180 turn, and then drove really fast back to the house under investigation.  These guys really piss me off driving like that in a neighborhood full of old people.  There was no reason for it other than they could. 

This is making me sad.  It's hot, the palm trees are burning.  I've had to put the agave parryi in the shade of some other palms.  When they get too hot they close up and turn yellow.  He's looking better now that he's out of the sun.

The saguaros have had a prodigious year for fruit.  At the beginning of the bloom there was a lot of concern that the blossoms sprouting from the sides wouldn't make fruit, but that has turned out to be an unfounded fear.  It's been good for the birds, they get fluids and food from the fruit.

So, if you've been following the efforts to get a commission named to investigate the origins of the January 6 insurrection, you've noticed that several prominent republicans have been saying that it was nothing more than a tourist visit on the part of the people who broke in to the capital.  One of those people spewing that lie is Representative Andrew Clyde.  Look at his face, his outstretched hand, that man was terrified.

Later, he helped barricade doors against the "tourists" who wanted to shoot some people.

Their ability to tell lies with a straight face is unbelievable.  They're just lying liars.

However, we can have some schadenfraude over this tweet.

That's Speaker Pelosi's desk he's resting his foot on.

Other than this paltry offering, I have nothing important to report. 


  1. This can't end well. I think of all the years we spent partially unscrewing things, like McCarthy or Trickle Down.

  2. I wondered if you got any rain down there. My sister in Prescott Valley didn't get any either.
    Those lying liars are driving me nuts. I got so upset last night when I heard that our legislature passed a budget with tax breaks for the top 1% and a rider that bans teachers from teaching critical race theory. I wish we could replace the whole lot of those idiots. On the side of more pleasant news, Giuliani got is law license suspended in NY for lying about the election. He needs to be locked up along with you know who but at least it's a start.

  3. I hope all the so-called tourists go to jail.

  4. yep lying liars, even with all the visual evidence that proves the lie. and now Biden claims they have a bipartisan deal on infrastructure, a third or less than a third (supposed to be a reconciliation infrastructure bill as well). how much do you want to bet McConnell won't let it pass.

  5. Republicans....I Can't even...
    That cactus looks spicy! There are no answers for climate change and it is happening so rapidly now that we are on the down hill slope of it all. Get ready- get out of the desert or evolve real fast!

  6. It's so infuriating. They're just trying to save their own skins because they're scared of being primaried by people even FARTHER to the right. (Which is indeed a frightening prospect.)