Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Republican Fringe and a Snake

On several occasions I have mentioned the total farce of an "audit" of the 2020 election in Maricopa county.  It's a complete joke, being run by people who know nothing.  That sort of sounds like as bad as it could get - right?  But NO!  It's now worse.  An unspecified amount of ballot data has been copied by Ben Cotton, the head of CyFIR and loaded into a truck and driven without supervision to a cabin in Montana.  If I'm lying, I'm dying.  Huffington Post reports the following.

In the latest development in the partisan Republican “audit” of Arizona presidential votes, voting system data has been taken to a secret hideout in Montana.

An unsupervised driver transported copies of ballot data in a truck to a cabin in the community of Bigfork in northwest Montana, several media outlets reported.

The state Senate Republican liaison has “confirmed that copies of voting system data was sent to a ‘lab’ in Montana,” an observer wrote earlier this month on an “SOS” website set up by the office of Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D). “He did not specify what security measures were in place, or what the lab in Montana will do with the data, or how long it will be in possession of the copies,” added the note.

State Senate liaison Ken Bennett confirmed to KGVO that the “powerful lab” is run by Cotton. Transported data was downloaded from the hard drives that Maricopa County used in the election, he said. It may or may not include voter registration data, and some of it could be sensitive, Bennett said.

Remember, ballots are supposed to be kept by the Secretary of State for 22 months after an election.  We aren't anywhere near that time frame, and now they are roaming around the state of Montana doing who knows what with this data.  I am so happy I don't live in Maricopa county.  These people are nuts.

Today we were up at 6 am.  I hate getting up early - a lot. Even with starting early, we didn't do the last hill because it was so stinking hot.  This is Golden Gate in the early morning sun.

Prior to today, I did not know Arizona has Coral snakes.  We do.  They are not particularly venomous, they haven't killed anybody thus far.  This appears to be a young snake, who did not look both ways before crossing the road.

Other than wishing us all joy and happiness that Juneteenth is finally a recognized federal holiday, I have not too much else to say.


  1. Guess I need to go looking for those ballots up here and see what the idiots are doing with them. When I think it cannot possibly get any worse they get more stupid.

  2. Happy Juneteenth. I would hope that tRumpers carrying that information across state lines would get the DOJ jumping on it. I can't believe the utter lunacy happening in this country. It seems the entire republican party is content to go from one extraordinarily criminally insane thing to the next. SMDH

  3. If this was fiction, nobody would buy it. It's funny how "fraud" only happened in states that the republican lost. They should really take another look at those states that they won to see if there is any fraud.

  4. AZ coral snake - interesting though different from the coral snakes we have here. Breaking and ignoring the law, publicly --- sounds like the early stages of dictatorships in small 3rd world countries.

  5. Poor snake! The Republican fringe behind all this ballot counting and manipulation will not rest until they've "discovered" proof that the election was fraudulent -- even if discovering it means they have to make it up themselves. The question is, will enough voters be stupid enough to believe it and allow it to influence them?

  6. I saw a news item about that. A reporter was out there but there were no trespassing signs and it's out in the middle of nowhere. they had a drone so you could see the buildings from the air. it's this guy's residence and there is no 'powerful lab'. I don't understand why the justice department is letting this continue. They are breaking all sorts of laws. do they really think that with all this rule breaking and secrecy that any result they eventually publish will be legitimate?

  7. Welcome Juneteenth, and far too long in coming.
    I do hope the winds or the currents shift, and relief comes to your part of the country. I cannot imagine even walking out into that kind of heat.

  8. Yep we have Coral Snakes... and yep, I live in Maricopa County where we have the Human Snake variety and I'm so pissed off about this Fraudit and the Fraud they're allowing the Cyber Ninja fake Auditors to commit and whisk away sensitive Data about any/all of us without any checks and balances or supervision. We already know that crew are Criminals and now they're absconding with Data they never should have had Eyes on in the first place. They don't even have an Office this 'Audit Company' they hired and who the Hell is in Montana that needs Arizona Data anyway I Wonder... there should be Indictments in this Criminal Activity they're passing off as a means to 'find' Fraud that didn't exist, and now they're committing the Fraud themselves!