Monday, March 22, 2021

The Second Shot

 How the heck are you?  I'm a little tired.  Yesterday I got the second Pfizer shot.  I didn't feel bad, but I did fall asleep in my recliner, while desperately trying to finish a New Yorker so I could get it off my unread pile, so I took a nap.  Today I don't feel bad, but since the air is cold and the wind is really up, I'm taking one more day off.  It's sort of a bummer, tomorrow is supposed to be the really windy day, so quite likely there will be no riding then, either.  Perhaps a restorative walk in the desert will be in the works.

Apparently all of the people waving the orange flags, checking you in and running the vaccination site are volunteers.  My hat goes off to them, always cheerful, very nice, they congratulate you on the second shot and check on you in the 15 minute holding area.  Bottled water and saltines are available for those who would like some.  

We saw this car on the way to the vaccination site.  It's beautifully restored.  Jim identifies this as a 1957 Thunderbird.  It got in front of us on Ajo, reminding us once again how wonderful emission controls really are.  The older cars smell bad.

The UofA vaccine POD is growing.  There are more tents than there were last time.  They are ramping up to go 7x24 once more vaccine is available.  FEMA offered the state 250,000 doses and the state declined, not wanting interferance by the federal government.  Chuck Huckleberry said it best when he said he could not understand the logic of that.  I can, our governor is an idiot.  Anyway, now Pima country is trying to get the doses, because they have capacity to give them.  They also have a pretty good website.

This was definitely not here last time.  I would have remembered this.  Exactly what is a restroom suite?

We took 4th Avenue towards home.  Coming out of the street that goes underneath the rail line we saw this.  It's all new.  Apparently rents and home prices are skyrocketing in Tucson, which is bringing investors to the area, which in turn causes the prices to increase.

Jim just returned from Lowe's, he commented that ordering from Amazon is better than going out for stuff.

Last week there was hiking and biking.  This is a terrible picture, they were far away.  If you look carefully, there are four people on horseback on the trail.  It's a really rocky, uneven trail.  No one is wearing a helmet.  The one horse woman I know has gone to a helmet, deciding that horses have a mind of their own and they might hurt you.

The hopseeds are putting on a great bloom this year.  I had to cut some branches off to get them off the ground.  The blossoms weigh them down. 

On the 19th I cut the bougainvillea back.  I have no idea how I'm supposed to do that.  The internet is surprisingly uninformative.

There is a bee in the lemon blossom.

The orange tree has a lot of blossoms this year, compared to last year.  Both of those are next door. 

The shooting of the eight people in Georgia has been joined by a shooting in Boulder, CO.  The only data thus far is that it was done by a man.  Given the fact that he was taken alive, I'm assuming he was white.  I saw the quote below somewhere, and it reminded me of the death of Sarah Everard in the UK, and the deaths of the women in Florida, and all of the other deaths of women at the hands of men. 

Novelist Margaret Atwood writes that when she asked a male friend why men feel threatened by women, he answered, "They are afraid women will laugh at them." When she asked a group of women why they feel threatened by men, they said, "We're afraid of being killed."


  1. That car... Drive in movie...remembering those naughty days.
    I would hate to get thrown riding through that magnificent cactus.
    Glad that you are all shot up! We are too, no effects at all, Dennis think it is because we are old and have immunities already. HAHA. Anyway, we can all relax a bit, not much- but a bit.

  2. In my experience you can butcher bouganvillia and it will grow back just fine as long as it has some water. Feel free to shape it however you want and as small as you want.

  3. my dad bought a Thunderbird in '57 or '58. not sure of the exact year but I was pretty young but we had already moved to the house I grew up in. it was black, a hard top convertible. he only kept it a couple of years, just too small for a family of five. glad you got your second shot with no real effects. I think that bathroom suite has three chemical toilets and a sink or two. it looks like one they had at an art festival in Rockport. and what is it with republican governors. Biden sent funds to test migrants at the border for covid and our governor refused to do it and then complained about the migrants bring covid over the border and I read some other R governor is refusing the state stimulus funds in the American Rescue Act.

  4. Love the old car! It's a mystery to me why the state would refuse more vaccines. Republicans really are just insane.

  5. Glad you did well with your second dose of the vaccine. Barry had pretty much every side effect the CDC listed, which leads me to believe that his mystery illness in early Dec. may have been COVID. In any case, he's fully vaccinated now, and I am still waiting my turn in NC. No word yet when they'll open it up to all adults. LOVE your nature photos! I would change the last of that quote to "We're scared of being raped", as that is usually my fear when considering hiking/walking alone in a quiet area, not being killed. But one never knows; neither would be pleasant.

  6. Congrats on the second shot. I too was impressed by how well the vaccine sites were run. The volunteers are doing a great job and the people who designed the who flow of traffic were genius. Don't get me started on our governor. It's amazing that Republicans want to recall him because he's not stupid enough for them.

  7. There used to be restroom suites at the high end art shows I did in Upstate and Vermont and Massachusetts, except they were far longer and brought in on a semi. Inside is a real restroom, stalls, hot running water, regular cleaning. After a hot dusty day on the grounds of Robert Lincoln's home, it was past pleasant to use a real restroom.
    That Atwood quote turns my stomach. It is the raw truth in two sentences.

  8. Beautiful pictures - I like the hopseed bush. Wonder if it will grow here in our humidity?? My dad had a thunderbird like the one above. Very cool cars!

  9. Margaret Atwood is a smart woman. Usually men kill women.

    I'm glad you got your shots and yes, it does sound like your governor is an idiot.

  10. Had some slight reactions to Jab No. 1 and really nothing at all to Jab No. 2 like I expected to have, since we'd been told No. 2 could/would kick our ass, most likely. I'm glad I didn't feel dreadful, I think I had more anxiety about how I MIGHT feel, that was needless, because I never actually had that experience. I'm trying now not to gauge my reaction to things on the secondhand information people tell since the horror stories abound. *LOL* Around Tucson is lovely... and here around Phoenix home prices and rentals are ridiculously priced now. We bought our Forever Home last February, squeaked in right before COVID hit full on, dodged a bullet there... I can't imagine moving during a Pandemic!