Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Second Shot

Today is the warmest day of the year so far in Tucson.  The national weather service is predicting that March through May will be warmer and dryer than normal.  Oh yay!  Hot and dry.  The desert is just perishing for rain.  We were up and out for Jim's second Pfizer vaccine this morning.  We saw this on Speedway on the way there.  Look at that paint, it's just gorgeous.  They did a really nice restoration on it; a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air hard top.  Jim does not care for the exhaust extensions, which is not actually something I would ever notice.

This was our person to check us in.  These people have been unfailingly polite and pleasant.  We wonder if they are volunteers, or if they're paid.  Regardless, they've been great.  I love the hair.

After we left, we started home the way we always go, not realizing the significance of the "6th Avenue closed sign."  In this picture we're in the old, funky part of Tucson where all of the bars, restaurants and galleries used to be.  They're being subsumed by the UofA for yet more housing.  The character of the area is being destroyed.

Yep, they really meant it, 6th Avenue is indeed, closed.  We made a U turn here and then headed into the downtown core.  Notice on the far right is a mural I posted about a year ago.  I guess we will not being seeing that anymore once whatever they're building in this area goes up.

Notice there is a train going across the bridge.  Also notice the yellow 10 foot height sign on the bridge.  Thou shalt not bring an RV this way.  The red and which stripes center photo are there to indicate how much water has collected in the underpass.  If the water is deep, one should not go in there, but every year people do.  They're then ticketed under the auspices of the stupid motorist law.

Here is a lovely mural downtown.

It must be spring, the Hopseeds are blooming in the back yard.

So, you wonder, how is Jim doing after the second shot.  So far, so good.  Here he is in the front yard herding the plant debris that has accumulated after the recent howling winds.  I've read several accounts that the bad side effects occur later, we're hoping that doesn't happen.  No matter what, it's still better than getting Covid in your old age.

 That's it!  That's all I've got.


  1. Most of the people at the Stadium up here are volunteers. God bless them. They are all so patient and friendly. Hope Jim has no more effects. Feels so good to get that done. "Progress" really does change the landscape and usually not for the better. Lots of articles about how bad the wildfires are going to be this year. We need rain.

  2. it wasn't until the next day that I suffered side effects. well, it started that night with achiness in my neck and shoulders.

    the freeway system in Houston is like that. I've seen the sunken freeways fill all the way up several times so deep 18-wheelers are submerged. it's amazing how many stupid people there are that see a flooded underpass and still think they can just barge their way through.

  3. I'm glad Jim hasn't had a problem with the second shot (so far). That IS a nice Bel-Air, but like you, I never would have noticed those exhaust extensions!

    By the way, I turned off the feature on Blogger that e-mails reader comments to me. I thought that might solve your problem with leaving comments and getting that error. Let me know if it doesn't help!

  4. A 56 Chevy is on my "If I win the lottery" list!

  5. That young man could be a grandchild of mine. Good for Jim and the second shot. Few people have reactions as severe as mine.

  6. My husband got his second Pfizer vaccine on Friday and suffered every single side effect on the CDC website. He even vomited. He is still feeling a bit tired and out of it even today, three days later. He is definitely at the end of the bell curve, and his intense reaction makes me wonder if his brief "mystery illness" in early December might have been COVID. He had the same symptoms as from the vaccine. Sure hope Jim was fine with his. Barry's symptoms started about 15 hours post-vaccine.

  7. We got our 2nd Jabs of Pfizer and I was pleasantly surprised how efficient both sites were. The Man got his at Downtown Phoenix VA Hospital and I got mine at one of the Inner City University sites. In and out in only 20 Minutes, the Volunteers were Awesome, mostly Med Students from the University, tho' Paramedics were giving the Jabs. Now they opened it up to everyone 16 and older I can't wait for our Grandchild we're Raising to turn 16 in late September so she can get hers too, since she's a high risk Child and she had to begin In-Person Classes recently.