Sunday, February 28, 2021

Vaccines and Random Stuff

A new house is going in on a corner lot in the neighborhood.  Observe the location of the existing wall.  Observe the fact that there is about six inches of dirt on the new house side of the wall.  It's astonishing to me that the wall is still standing.  Dirt here is very similar to concrete, so hopefully it won't collapse like dirt in Washington would.  However, if it were my wall, I'd like to see a little more dirt on the other side.  We always wonder if surveying takes place before or after construction.  If you refer back to this post, you can see what we think was a disputed property line.

Today I got my first Covid vaccine.  The POD is using Pfizer so the next one is 21 days out.  The state has expanded the size of the site since they took it away from Tucson Medical Center.  Same basic layout, but bigger.  They have a ton of people working there, waving orange flags and pointing where they want you to go.  They're very careful to holler out "car moving" so that people know there is a vehicle in motion near the staff.  The largest improvement is that they come out to your car and schedule your next appointment while you're waiting to see if there will be anaphylactic shock due to an allergic response.  So far, so good.  I'm a little tired, but that's it.

The weather today is unpleasant.  There is a frontal passage moving north of us, whipping up a lot of wind and cold air.  We're hoping it will be done by tomorrow.

Our lemon tree has one fruit left on the tree that is not ready to come off yet.  It's also putting out blossoms.

The prickly pear outside the wall is looking much better.  The one day of rain we got awhile back has allowed him to plump up.  The ocotillo is also leafing out.

As I previously said, for about 20 seconds, I had some vain hope that the republicans would revert to human status after the defeat of the orange ectoplasm.  Boy howdy was I wrong.  Arizona wants to have an amendment to the state constitution that would allow the state legislature to choose the electors for the presidency regardless of who carried the state.  One wonders why we would bother to actually hold elections.  You can read more about it here.  They also want to undo twenty years of early voting by mail, something that republicans like as much as democrats.  They're just shameless.

I've been watching snippets of AFPAC and CPAC on twitter because that's all I can stand.  It was interesting to see Nick Fuentes, white supremacist and insurrectionist, take out after Madison Cawthorn at AFPAC.  To be clear, I think Cawthorn is human refuse; he's a liar and a sexual predator.  However, Fuentes was beyond the pale with his attack.  He referenced Cawthorn being in a wheel chair, and then referenced Cawthorn's frequent statements that he was going to "stand up" to the democrats.  Fuentes went on to ask "how's he going to do that?  He's in a wheel chair."  The people in the audience actually laughed and clapped at this.  These people are shameful.  Fuentes' address is here if you're interested.  Both Fuentes and Lying Ted Cruz have adopted the tone and cadence of stand up comedians.  Too bad they're not funny.  One of our congressional representatives, Paul Gosar, has filed a request for someone to proxy vote for him due to the continuing health emergency.  He can't go to work, but he was able to attend AFPAC and CPAC.  He's been disowned by his parents and siblings because he is so evil.

It's the last day of February and it's going to freeze.  It's too windy to cover the bougainvillea, so I guess it will be something.  I'd been thinking about cutting it back, procrastination was good in this case.



  1. I get my second shot this morning. Yippee!! When they brought in the golden statue I actually got sick to my stomach. I cannot can not watch or listen to any more of their venom. Wish we could get some more rain- maybe this week. The plants love it.

  2. Congratulations on your first shot. It seemed nuts to come for the winter to red-state Florida with their mini-Trump governor, but vaccinations have actually been chugging right along, and I was thrilled get my first shot on Saturday. Meanwhile at home in blue-state Massachusetts (however with a Repub governor) things are a mess. Go figure.

  3. My last AZ cactus froze during our week of below freezing temperatures. It was a spineless prickly pear. Pretty pictures of cactus and citrus.

  4. There's no need to introduce restrictive voting measures in Ohio. The census took care of that. By law we must certify our voting districts in a few more weeks, but the new census information will not be given out until October or November. Ergo, we get the old Republican gerrymandered districts for the next ten years.

  5. I'm pretty sure having the legislature choose electors and disregard the will of voters would be unconstitutional, even if that law DID pass. States can determine how they want to run their own elections, but I don't think they can just IGNORE who wins.

    Gosar is evil! I didn't realize he'd been disowned by his family.

    And yeah, I'd be a little nervous about that wall too!

  6. those who attended CPAC are the most craven of a craven lot. really horrible people.

    glad you got your first shot.