Thursday, February 11, 2021

February 9, 2021

Those of you who live in the northern states are no doubt aware of how steenking cold it is.  From the WAPO we learn, "In Nebraska, the extreme cold and presence of moisture near ground level has led to light pillars being spotted, the result of hexagonally shaped ice crystals in the air. It usually only happens when temperatures are exceptionally frigid."

Here we are not cold.  We are still grumbling about things.  I am grumbling about my inability to get a vaccine appointment.  Arizona is opening a new Point of Distribution, and accepting registration for it next Tuesday.  I will participate, but don't expect much more than this.

To be fair, that was from Walgreens.  They had appointments available yesterday, but I was not early enough and while I could get one for Saturday, they had no slots available for the second shot, and so would not let me sign up for anything.  The Tucson Medical Center portal has been down more than it's been up.  It's a bummer for the patient population because they can't check test results or communicate with their doctors because the Covid people keep crashing it.  I think one of the largest failings has been the inability to predict how much load there would be on the computers, and to scale up.

Earlier this week we went out to a nursery just to look at stuff.  While looking at stuff we realized they're getting much, if not most, of their stock from Monrovia.  That's the same supplier that Lowe's and Home Depot use.  The high zoot nursery marks up a lot more!  

These are what I refer to as brain cactus.  They do have a name, I just don't know what it is.

A lovely Ganesha, god of new beginnings.

I think this is a staghorn fern.  It was in the tropicals green house.  They have a white board on an easel with a list of all the insects the tropical plants will attract in Tucson.  There are many.

And here is my favorite church in Tucson - again.  It just never grows old for me.

I have not been watching the Senate trial.  The republicans and their unwillingness to even consider the evidence are too annoying.  I'm glad the democrats impeached, I'm glad the record is preserved so those who vote against conviction will go down in history as enablers of insurrection.

Rep. Joe Neguse's closing question exhorting the Senators to convict Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection: "If we pretend this didn't happen—or worse, if we let it go unanswered—who's to say that it won't happen again?"


  1. it will happen again and by Trump if he's not stopped, if not by the Senate, then by all the other lawsuits and financial trouble he's in and if not by that by ill health and stress. there are rumblings out there that something big is planned for March 4th. I haven't been watching either but keeping apprised via twitter and the people paying attention and of course HCR's newsletters. it just makes me too angry.

    that is a gorgeous staghorn fern. mine is much smaller, I can still carry it in and out but it it gets much bigger that won't be possible.

  2. Pretty pillars of light but - nope - wouldn't want to live there. Pretty cactus and huge staghorn fern. Mine is pretty big but looks like that ones little sibling.

  3. Those pillars of light are interesting. And yes, that is a staghorn fern -- they get HUGE. We had one of those brain cacti (a small one) but it died soon after we got it. It rotted from the bottom, and I only watered it once, so I think it was struggling before we even got it.

  4. I'm really glad we dont have those pillars of light down here and just see pictures of them. They are beautiful.

    I am afraid of what the wombats followers are going to do in the next few months. Or years. They are so out of control and out of their minds.

  5. Unless we impeach, it will happen again.
    For a long time I had a staghorn fern growing in my living room. Gave it to my girlfriend, who got it to bloom. Wonder what she did with it.

  6. I have never seen anything like those pillars of light. That is truly amazing. But it's way too cold for me to see those in person. That pictures will have to do.
    I did watch most of the impeachment trial. It was eye opening and frustrating knowing the majority of Republicans will not convict. It's a very sad day for America.

  7. brain cactus! Cool! I love it!
    The trial had to happen even though everyone knew that the lemming publicans would follow Mitch over the edge.