Sunday, February 14, 2021

Shots and Cooking

Well, other than the acquittal, yesterday was a  very good day for Jim.  He got shot number one.  His path to the vaccine was painless.  TMC (Tucson Medical Center) sent him a scheduling token that allowed him to log on to the portal and schedule an appointment for the first shot.  By the time we got home, we had received the token for shot number two.  Painless!  Me, I'm going to spend Tuesday trying to get an appointment with the state or with Walgreens.  The state has allowed the various locales to decide who they will or will not vaccinate, and many sites are still limiting to 75 and up. The state run sites and Walgreens are 65 and up.

Look at this crane looming over Speedway.  It's a very large crane.  UofA is building even more student housing.  

I guess they think students will eventually return to in person classes, and they need somewhere to warehouse them.  It's better that they're contained in one location, rather than spread out through the neighborhoods, having large, noisy parties.

Then it was on to the UofA campus, which is doing both drive through and walk-in (with an appointment) vaccinations.  They have many people with orange flags directing traffic.  The first stop is checking your id, and then verifying you really have an appointment.

Then there is filling out the health questionnaire;  followed by driving in to the vaccination tent for the stick.  Jim said the vaccinator was really good, he felt nothing.

After the shot, you're funneled into a waiting area for 15 minutes.  They ask you to open all of the car windows so that if you're in distress they can get in the car.  

Excess volunteers.  Notice the weird art in the background.  Donors like to install stuff on the grass.  It used to be possible to play touch football, but now there is so much yard furniture, it's difficult.

When we arrived they wrote the "1A" on the windshield.  I'm assuming that's one person for the vaccine, and the person is sitting in the seat labelled "A".  After the shot they write the time you got it.  Jim's appointment was for 11:45, he was vaccinated ahead of schedule.

It's good that he's getting this done.  At present, no one will go into a hardware store, and there are some things we need.  Once he's got immunity, he can go in.

After the vaccine, Jim felt fine.  We had lunch, and then did the bike route we do.  I'm glad we went yesterday, today was cold and Jim's arm hurts and he feels a little kicked. 

Last night there was a pretty good sunset.  

This was on twitter this morning.  It's a really cool rendition of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."  The harmonies are really good.

Click here to play the video.  As it proceeds, notice how many people are singing in this, plus there is an ASL translator lower right.

This afternoon we caramelized nine onions for the freezer.  They're from Peru.  They cost less and have a less pungent odor than US onions, and they are sweeter than Vidalias and Wallawalla Sweets.  I'm hoping Fry's will keep selling them.  They're a better price performer, as well.  Then we made a marinade.  How domestic are we?  I'm still using frozen lemon juice and zest I made last March from the neighbor's lemons.  Soon it will be time to make more.  The recipe is from fifteen spatulas.  I substitute a teaspoon of oregano for the rosemary because I don't like it.  The marinade is also good on chicken.

That's it!  All I've got is vaccination and messing up the kitchen.

Update to post:  OK, this is worth seeing.  Click here.


  1. A sore arm is so worth it. Waiting for the second one. Hope you get an appointment soon. Peru onions??? Guess I need to check those out. That poor dude sliding on that ice. So gladcwe don't have that down here.

  2. It's good to get the jab, and I had no after effects. I had the Pzifer but there was no choice.

  3. Now I want an onion. a sweet one. AND a vaccine, please. Dennis had his because he is medical worker (retired, but there are perks). No vaccines available in all of the town.
    Loved the Portland folks. I learned a bit of ASL a few years ago -always appreciate the interpreters!

  4. I'm glad Jim's vaccine went so smoothly -- hopefully yours (when you get it scheduled) will too!

  5. we're in the deep freeze today. everything is frozen. birds are swarming the birdfeeders. snow/ice on the ground. many people have lost power but so far not us. we get our second shot next Friday, a week late.

  6. Glad Jim was able to get shot #1. Barry did as well, this past week, and had a mild reaction the next morning. He is very sensitive to various meds, so I am a little anxious about how he might react to shot #2, but it certainly beats COVID. He went to a large UNC-umbrella mass vaccination site, but it all happened inside. In addition to the two cloth masks he was already wearing, he was given a medical mask (along with everyone else) to wear, so when he came to the car, where I was waiting, he had three masks on!

  7. So happy the vaccination parade begins!
    I guess the weather in Nashville isn't so great.

  8. That looks pretty much the same as what I went through for my shot. They were very organized. I saw that sliding truck on the news last night. I'm so glad that cold blast didn't sweep through here.